Extensive automation allows engineers to explore the entire design space
STAR-CCM+ reduces your product’s time to market by enabling the complete automation of the CAE simulation workflow at a component, system and process level.
  • STAR-CCM+ is widely used to perform heat transfer and conjugate heat transfer simulations, such as the CPU cooling fan analysis shown here. Rigid body motion allows parts to rotate and/or translate with repect to each other, yielding time-accurate flow date that includes the effects of transient...

  • Shown here is a typical wave impact on a General External Structure (GES) submersible, solved in STAR-CCM+. Image courtesy of NSWCCD/NAVSEA.

  • STAR-CCM+ was used to simulate pollutant deposition on the structure of the Taj Mahal. Shown here are the pressure contours from the pollutant dispersion analysis.

  • STAR-CCM+ offers an extensive range of validated physical models for multi-component multiphase analyses. Here, a Lagrangian simulation was performed on a gas / bubble lift separator.


  • An external aerodynamics analysis was performed on an Airbus A380 model. Shown here are the pressure variations on the structure and streamlines from the nose wheel and the wings leading edges.

STAR-CCM+ gives you a unique integrated environment to let you easily advance through the steps of creating, modifying and managing your geometry, through meshing and model set-up to critical analysis of your results  . Employing a unique process-oriented approach to engineering simulation, STAR-CCM+ eliminates bottlenecks by automating time-consuming tasks such as repairing complex and poor quality CAD models or repeating simulations on multiple design variants. Drag-and-drop options let you interactively and efficiently create plots and a plotting template gives you a rapid, reproducible way to ensure the consistency of your reporting efforts.  

STAR-CCM+ makes you more efficient by allowing you to fully automate your CAE simulation workflow using JAVA™ macros.

"We were looking for a commercial CFD product that offered complex geometry handling, minimal workload for surface preparation & meshing, & wide range of physical models for unsteady marine hydrodynamic. STAR-CCM+ is that tool." Hyundai Maritime Research Institute

Easy to record JAVA macros and our Simulation Assistant simplify the capture of your best practices.   You can be more certain of your simulation efforts by automating things like simple boundary condition changes to the development and easy deployment of custom panels encapsulating simulation workflow. With JAVA™ scripting, automatic design-to-design solution mapping and parametric 3D-CAD, STAR-CCM+ is the tool of choice for digital prototyping and iterative design studies.

A flexible approach to parallel processing with client-server architecture

"The first thing that separates CD-adapco from the competition is STAR-CCM+. It's a state-of-the-art CFD code and since we introduced it about a year ago we have managed to double our throughput in terms of simulations, so it was a massive step forward. The code itself is fast, robust and extremely easy to use so people new to the code can pick it up very quickly." Jarrod Murphy, Head of CFD, Lotus Renault GP Limited F1 Team

With engineers facing an ever increasing need for analysis using complex, realistic models, STAR-CCM+ is designed to utilize your hardware resources as effectively as possible. Whether your compute nodes are a cluster of workstations or a single supercomputer, at any time, STAR-CCM+ allows you full interactive access to all simulation data and solutions while the simulationg is running.

The software is deployed as a client that handles the user interface and visualization, and a server which performs the compute operations. When executed in parallel, STAR-CCM+ is scalable across any number of processors allowing very large analyses to be performed, monitored and manipulated from laptops or light-weight workstations.

Well considered licensing options allow STAR-CCM+ to be distributed across an unlimited number of processors for a fixed cost. The client/server approach is designed to facilitate easy collaboration between members of a team, as simulation progress can be accessed independently of physical location and local computer resources. The STAR-CCM+ architecture helps deploy computational resources in a flexible and efficient manner across an organization.

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