Simulate your entire system with advanced multi-disciplinary solutions
STAR-CCM+ delivers an extensive range of validated physics capabilities to cover the broadest application scope, offering a multidisciplinary approach to solving real world problems. The single integrated environment in STAR-CCM+ allows physical phenomena to be studied both in a fully coupled manner or independently from each other.
  • Sunroof buffeting and acoustical impedance of flexible structures : the noise associated with sunroof buffeting is caused by unsteady flow over the sunroof opening interacting with the roof panel and radiating sound to the vehicle occupants.

  • Dynamic Fluid Body Interaction (DBFI) simulation of a large cargo ship : modeling the motion of a body resulting from the forces and moments on it can be carried out seamlessly within the single integrated environment of STAR-CCM+.

  • This exploded view of an electric motor shows the surface temperature distribution and polyhedral mesh generated with STAR-CCM+ for a forced air cooling simulation.

  • Flexible wing : Use of high fidelity computational aeroelasticity is critical to tomorrow's design challenges, driving innovation and resulting in engineering success. STAR-CCM+, with a direct link to Abaqus FEA for co-simulation, seamlessly integrates computational...

  • Analysis of a wing leading edge and anti-icing protection : in-flight icing, caused by accretion of super cooled liquid water droplets, can lead to a drastic change in aircraft performance and numerical simulation of icing behavior is critical to ensure flight performance of aircraft over varying...

  • Optimization of electronics cooling fins using Optimate+ : CD-adapco has partnered with Red Cedar Technology to deliver Optimate+, an add-on module for STAR-CCM+ that offers a breakthrough solution for design exploration and optimization with CAE/CFD simulations


Whether you call it multi-disciplinary, multi-physics, simulation of systems, or co-simulation, seeing the 'big picture' through simulation has been the focus of CD-adapco products for many years now.

There are many examples in our current products which enable multi-disciplinary simulations such as electro-chemistry (for battery simulation), electro-magnification, aero-vibro-acoustics, icing, casting, chemistry, combustion, discrete element modeling, multiphase, dynamic fluid body interaction, heat transfer, fluid-structure interaction, design optimization etc.

To allow for a more complete understand of system performance and how physical phenomena interact, STAR-CCM+'s also has a range of tools allowing it to work in conjunction with 3rd party codes for both 1D and 3D co-simulation. 

Each of these capabilities and features are implemented with the vision of simulating full systems rather than merely coupling physics models to analyze individual components. 

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