Powerful design exploration and optimization tools from within STAR-CCM+
The reliability, robustness and ease of automation provided by STAR-CCM+ enable effective design exploration and optimization. STAR-CCM+ /Enabling Optimate and STAR-CCM+ /Enabling Optimate+ efficiently and easily explore your design space to deliver a set of optimal configurations that match your engineering objectives.
  • 3D-CAD modeler in STAR-CCM+ has the ability to expose geometric parameters to effortlessly perform design optimization based on engineering results.  Design exploration and optimization shown are performed with Optimate (using affordable HPC licensing).

  • Presented at the STAR South East Asian Conference 2012

CD-adapco partners with Red Cedar Technology to deliver two STAR-CCM+ add-on modules that offer a breakthrough solution for design exploration and optimization campaigns. The add-on modules leverage the power of HEEDS MDO to allow you to easily extract trends, understand parameters effect and explore what if scenarios.

STAR-CCM+ /Enabling Optimate has powerful tools for managing and running all the design configurations. Dedicated post-processing environment are provided to allow for the simulation data to be easily explored and insight gained from the results.

Design Exploration Mode:
STAR-CCM+ /Enabling Optimate

In this mode, STAR-CCM+ /Enabling Optimate can be used for design exploration, design of experiment (DOE), parameter sweeps, and stochastic analysis studies. The tool allows you to easily understand how parameter variations affect your results and build a complete picture of the design space of interest. Analyses such as the creation of aerodynamic load databases, compressor maps, test replications and what-if studies may be easily carried out. The user simply creates their initial simulation (the baseline), specifies the parameters and their variations, and STAR-CCM+ /Enabling Optimate automatically configures and runs the campaign.

Optimization Mode STAR-CCM+ /Enabling Optimate+

STAR-CCM+ /Enabling Optimate+ adds the capability to perform automated design optimization studies. The SHERPA algorithm from Red Cedar technology is embedded into the add-on and provides a best in class, easy to use and robust optimization tool. Both single and multi-objective optimizations may be carried allowing you to find the best possible candidates in the fewest number of evaluations.

Power Token Licensing

To fully realise the potential of design exploration and optimization, STAR-CCM+ /Enabling Optimate allows you to benefit from the unique Power Token licensing. Each Power Token may be used to launch a concurrent configuration within your exploration or optimization campaign as well as being available as parallel core licenses. For example, with 100 Power Tokens, you could run a campaign with one design point on 100 CPUs, 10 concurrent design points on 10 CPUs each, or even 100 concurrent design points on one CPU each.

The flexibility of Power Token licensing does not stop at running of design exploration and optimization campaigns. STAR-CCM+ may use 10 Power Tokens to perform pre and post processing tasks or the Power Tokens may also be used as parallel core licenses for standard analyses.

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