STAR-CCM+ brings its simulation excellence to the Industrial Casting Industry.
STAR-Cast is an add-on module for STAR-CCM+ developed in conjunction with Access e.v., leveraging CD-adapco’s expertise in flow simulation and Access’ knowledge of casting. Integrating industry leading CFD technology with the specific models required by the casting engineer, STAR-Cast is a powerful tool for the manufacturing industry.
  • Macro Scale Casting Simulation using STAR-Cast
    This presentation gives an overview over the complexity of the casting system that can be simulated using STAR-Cast on the example of the counter pressure casting process. This process allows for a very controlled filling process for complex parts with very high quality and yield. The process characteristics from die cycle analysis to mold filling are highlighted and demonstrated on a hands-on example. It is shown how the solidification results are turned...
  • Centrifugal investment casting : using STAR-Cast, manufacturers are able to predict the effectiveness of state-of-the art casting processes resulting in cost-savings and leading to better products.
  • Counter Pressure Casting Simulation in STAR-Cast
  • Simulation of Centrifugal Casting via STAR-Cast
    (Left) Simulation model for centrifugal casting of a cluster of 8 turbocharger wheels, including the ceramic shell mold. The melt crucible rotates with the mold. (Right) Temperature-coupled mold-filling simulation based on an accelerated rotation.
  • Simulation of High Pressure Die Casting
    (Left) Coupled mold filling and solidification simulation for HPDC relies on STAR-Cast’s multiphase approach and a moving mesh technology for the plunger movement in the filling chamber. (Right) Mold filling conditions are well-defined by the shot curve as part of the input parameter set.
  • Casting low pressure die casting
    (Left) Temperature-coupled mold-filling of a tire rim for a first-guess pressure inlet curve: the fast rise of pressure leads to air-entrapment and air bubble formation. (Right) The modified pressure curve prevents air inclusions during mold filling.


STAR-Cast utilizes STAR-CCM+’s free surface modelling technique combined with the melting and solidification model to study investment casting, high and low pressure die casting, centrifugal casting and tilt die simulation. A number of unique features are available to the user of STAR-Cast including; Mushy Zone & Flow Stop Modeling, Criteria Functions for Defect Prediction - Shrinkage, Porosity& Cooling rates.  The newly added dimensionless Niyama Criterion extends the capabilities of the previous dimensional version.  


The precision of casting simulation results depends to a high degree on the quality and completeness of the required material data. For this reason, a dedicated material data base is key to assuring quality of simulation: the data stored in STAR-Cast materials database are certified and qualified according to an internal documentation scheme. Integration of data documentation into casting simulation reports is easy. Searches for and retrieval of data stored in STAR-Cast mat is executed via the GUI, which combines easy use with access to full information about datasets. Straightforward data export allows you to assemble the material dataset appropriate to the simulation problem posed and to transfer this dataset to STAR-Cast.

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