Thermophysiological modeling of vehicle and building occupants
The study of thermal comfort is a critical step in the design process for many industries, whether it be for automotive passenger comfort or occupant comfort in a building, STAR-CCM+ enables the accurate modelling of thermal comfort with the Thermal Comfort Model (TCM).
  • Thermal cabin modeling of car : cabin comfort can be addressed through virtual prototyping during the design stage of the product development cycle.

  • STAR-CCM+ includes a human thermo-physiological model called Thermal Comfort Model (TCM) that accounts for thermal inertia, blood circulation, heat exchange,vapor exchange and  body temperatures.


The thermal comfort model in STAR-CCM+ leverages a special one-dimensional code called TIM (German acronym for Thermophysiological Occupant Model”). TIM models and quantifies the thermophysiological state of a human passenger seated inside a car, or other enclosed space. The thermal comfort model in STAR-CCM+ allows the user to enter biometric data about the occupant/passenger including data

Thermal Comfort Wizard

To aid the setup of thermal comfort cases, STAR-CCM+ has a wizard that interactively steps the user through each stage of the setup procedure. This includes assigning boundary conditions and biometric settings for each occupant, external environment settings and post processing data.

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