Backed by international IC Engine research programs
In addition to extensive in-house development and validation of new models, CD-adapco supports research at many universities and IC engine research programs throughout the world.
  • Combustion using the ECFM-LES combustion model

    Courtesy of Prof Fontanesi, University of Modena

  • Comparison of Mean and RMS turbulence profiles in a motored model engine indicating improved predictions using the LES model in STAR-CD compared to RANS

    Courtesy of Prof Dan Haworth, Penn State University

  • Summary of STAR-CD and es-ice capabilities : to keep pace with developments in engine technology, CD-adapco is continuously developing the software to add new capabilities and functionality

In addition to extensive in-house development and validation of new models, CD-adapco supports research at many universities and IC engine research programs throughout the world.

One research area that is particularly important is in-cylinder LES because it potentially offers a better description of the turbulence and a route to understanding and quantifying cycle-to-cycle variations. A number of universities around the world are using the LES/DES models available in STAR-CD to simulate motored engine flows and, more recently, combustion using the ECFM-LES combustion model.

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