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Integrierte 3D-Strömungssimulation in der Gebäudetechnik und im Brandschutz Erwin Schnell
Aspects of Industrial Flow Prediction using LES David Gosman
Emulating the Direct Blister Furnace Process with Coal Combustion Bennie Henning
New features of STAR-CCM+7.02 Jun Ho Choi
Modelling Multiphase Flows in the Chemical and Process Industry Simon Lo
Best Practice: Multiphase Flows Xiao Hu
Modeling an Axisymmetric Perforated Brick Catalyst Ahmad Mat Yamin
Multiphase flow I (Eulerian two phase flow and Boiling) Prof. Simon Lo
STAR-CCM+ in the Process Industry Mark Farrall
Integrating STAR-CCM+ with a Systems Analysis Code for Nuclear Reactor Safety Simulations Justin W. Thomas
Modeling industrial multiphase flows with STAR-CCM+ Simon Lo, Dominik Kubicki
Examining the Cost Return Ratio for CFD in the Gas, Oil and Chemical Industries Mike Porter, President
Multiphase flow II (Applications & Theoretical background of DEM) Prof. Simon Lo
DARS SRM as Combustion Model for Engine Concept Development Arne Andersson
0D/1D after-treatment modeling with DARS Fabian Mauss
Meeting the Challenges of Fluid-Structure Interaction Alan Mueller
Kopplung von DEM und CFD zur Simulation von Festbettreaktoren für stark exotherme Reaktionen Kevin Seidler, Thomas Eppinger
Reacting Flow Modeling in STAR-CCM+ Rajesh Rawat
After treatment :SCR modeling using STAR-CCM+ Richard Johns
Discrete Element Method (DEM) in STAR-CCM+ Oleh Baran
Application of computational fluid dynamics to spray drying Simon LO July 5, 2005
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Transport in Saturated Heterogeneous Media S. J. Harrington June 3, 2010
Numerische Simulation der Hydrodynamik, des Stoffumsatzes und der chemischen Reaktion in einem T-förmigen Mikromischer Fabian Huck September 16, 2011
Simulation der Stromungspro Carsten Futterer October 30, 2011
Numerische Strömungssimulation zur Berechnung der Verweilzeitverteilung in einem Biogasreaktor Christian Bock November 28, 2011
Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Bed Height on Minimum Fluidization Velocity of Cylindrical Fluidized Bed Ajay M R July 31, 2013