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Progress in Tools for Turbulence Modelling and Simulation Neil Ashton, Alex, Skillen, Alistair Revell, Dominique Laurence, Sylvain Lardeau
DARS for modeling detailed fuel chemistry Harry Lehtiniemi
Advanced Applications of STAR-CCM+ in Chemical Process Industry Ravindra Aglave
Unsteady Cavitation Simulation on Kappel Propeller with a Hull Wake Field Rasmus Møller Bering
Customizing STAR-CCM+ to Automate a Virtual Port Flow Test Thomas Walker
Silver Sponsor Presentation SIMULIA Clive Ford
Simulation of Free Surface Flows with STAR-CCM+: Current Status & Future Developments Samir Muzaferija, Milovan Peric
Simulation of the Hydrogen Fueling Process David Wenger, Lilla Puskas
Application of DEM Model of STAR-CCM+ for Granular Flow Through a Pipe 加藤 丈侍様
Macro Scale Casting Simulation using STAR-Cast Julian Gänz
Advanced Combustion Modeling with DARS Fabian Mauss
Best Practices Workshop (II): Overset Mesh Kynan Maley
Cavitation CFD using STAR-CCM+ of an Axial Flow Pump with Comparison to Experimental Edward Bennett
Annual Building Energy Simulation with STAR-CCM+ Tunc Askan & Martin Kriegel
Analysis of the 3D Flow & Heat Transfer of the Finned-Tube Bank for Creation Effective Counting Method for Steam Turbines Oil Coolers Yulia S. Bagaeva, N. N. Kortikov
Multiphase Flow Models in STAR-CCM+ Simon Lo
Use of STAR-CCM+ for Heat Exchanger Product Development Gary G Yu, Martin Timmins, Mario Ciaffarafa
Demonstration of Chimera in STAR-CCM+ EungJu Kim
Overview & Perspectives for Internal Combustion Engine using STAR-CD Mark Zellat
Collaborative Engineering with STAR-CCM+ Steve Gorrell, Greg Jensen, Ryan Packer
Modeling Chemical Reactions in CFD
Simulated Flow Through Structured Packing Mike Basden, Bruce Eldridge
OpenRoad™: A VPD-Series Ground Transportation Add-on for STAR-CCM+ Thomas Walker
Multiphase Flow Models in STAR-CCM+ Simon Lo
Electric Machine Simulation Technology Steve Hartridge
Examples, Developments & Future Trends of Simulation in the Oil & Gas Industry Alex Read
An Overview of CFD Applications in Flow Assurances from Well Head to the Platform Simon Lo
Automated Design and Optimization of a Centrifugal Pump Chad Custer, PhD
Overset Grids in STAR-CCM+: Methodology, Applications & Future Developments Eberhard Schreck, Milovan Peric
Simulation of VAWT for wake effects Xiaojian Huang
Application of DARS 1D on in-cylinder combustion and aftertreatment Karin Fröjd
Better Reactors Grow from Better Simulations Emilio Baglietto
Investigation of Global Regular Wave Loading on a Damaged Ship using CFD Thomas Goatly
Feedback Driven 6-DoF Modeling of a Tilt-Duct Aircraft Paul Vasilescu
CFD Methodologies including Large Eddy Simulation for Noise Prediction Fred Mendonça
Shape Optimization of a Top Entry Mixer - A Case Study using CAESES / STAR-CCM+ Mike Saroch
Glass Bottle Forming Process Modeled in STAR-CCM+ Simone Ferrari, Marcello Ostorero
Computational Fluid Dynamics for Reactor Design & Safety-Related Applications Emilio Baglietto様
Dental Implant Cement Flow Simulations with STAR-CCM+ Sabine Goodwin
DARS 1D for Powertrain Applications Fabian Mauss
Diminishing Test Resources and Aerodynamic Data Base Generation Seungki Ahn
Multi-Objective Optimization of a Grease Mechanical Filter using modeFRONTIER & STAR-CCM+ Marco Carriglio, Alberto Clarich
Numerical Aero-Thermal Investigation for a Science Payload in a Dust Devil Boundary-Layer on Mars Bianca Cefalo, Dario Severino
Success of STAR-CCM+ Application in the Design Process of Modern Gas Turbine Moritz Norbert様
Aeroacoustics Simulations for the Aerospace Industry Fred Mendonça , Deborah Eppel
Simulation of the Interior Cabin Warm-Up & Cool Down using CFD Karamjit Sandhu
Demo: Optimate & Optimate+ Kynan Maley
In-Cylinder Engine Calculations: New Features & Upcoming Capabilities Richard Johns
Thermal Soak Simulation of Scania’s Eu6 Silencer using Co-simulation Ayyoob Zarmehri
Human Powered Motion Tim Corti, Franz Wolf