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Multiphase Interaction Models in STAR-CCM+®: Which, When, Why, How? Ravindra Aglave
Investigation of Global Regular Wave Loading on a Damaged Ship using CFD Thomas Goatly
STAR-CCM+ in your Workflow Bill Jester
Design Competition Team List
Accurate and Efficient Turbomachinery Simulation Chad Custer
Shape Optimization of a Top Entry Mixer - A Case Study using CAESES / STAR-CCM+ Mike Saroch
Securing the Manufacturing Process of Vaccines Using CFD Philippe Vincent
Simulation of VAWT for wake effects Xiaojian Huang
Demo: Optimate & Optimate+ Kynan Maley
学生フォーミュラにおける車体周りの空力解析事例 江口 勇仁様
Better Reactors Grow from Better Simulations Emilio Baglietto
Dental Implant Cement Flow Simulations with STAR-CCM+ Sabine Goodwin
The New Leader in Computational Wind Energy Engineering: STAR-CCM+ Denis Nagy, VP, Business Development and Director
CFD Methodologies including Large Eddy Simulation for Noise Prediction Fred Mendonça
Multi-Objective Optimization of a Grease Mechanical Filter using modeFRONTIER & STAR-CCM+ Marco Carriglio, Alberto Clarich
某喷油器进油量孔磨粒流计算 朱天奎
Simulation of the Hydrogen Fueling Process David Wenger, Lilla Puskas
Eulerian –Granular Model Gyo-Soon Kim
圧力抑制プール内における蒸気凝縮現象の多相CFD解析 ペレグリニ マルコ様
Computational Fluid Dynamics for Reactor Design & Safety-Related Applications Emilio Baglietto様
Multidisciplinary Design Exploration in Ground Vehicle Design Frederick J. Ross
Multilayer Electrode Coatings Robert Spotnitz
In-Cylinder Engine Calculations: New Features & Upcoming Capabilities Richard Johns
Diminishing Test Resources and Aerodynamic Data Base Generation Seungki Ahn
Thermal Soak Simulation of Scania’s Eu6 Silencer using Co-simulation Ayyoob Zarmehri
基于CCM+的某共轨喷油器各孔喷油一致性分析 周禛
Annual Building Energy Simulation with STAR-CCM+ Tunc Askan & Martin Kriegel
CHT-analysis of rotor-stator system including radiation Alexander Shvorak, J. Wildhagen, Vinod Malapure
Discover Better Military Product Designs, Faster Rick Battani
Success of STAR-CCM+ Application in the Design Process of Modern Gas Turbine Moritz Norbert様
How Optimization is Helping the CFD Consulting Business Become More Competitive Geneviève Dutil, Yannick Sirois
What's Next for Electronics Cooling Simulations? Ruben Bons
Simulation of the Interior Cabin Warm-Up & Cool Down using CFD Karamjit Sandhu
Aircraft Passenger Cabin Thermal Comfort Analysis D. Cannoletta
Key STAR Technologies: Dispersed Multiphase Flow & Liquid Film Modeling David Gosman
What's Next for Electronics Cooling Simulations? Ruben Bons
Use of STAR-CCM+ in Marine & Off-Shore Engineering: Key Features & Future Developments Milovan Perić, Frank Schäfer, Eberhard Schreck, Jaswinder Singh
Modeling Chemical Reactions in CFD
Advances in Cyclonic Flow Regimes Dr. Dimitrios Papoulias, Thomas Eppinger
Simulating Systems in Ground Vehicle Design Frederick J. Ross
Fluid-Structure Interaction with Segregated Rigid Body Motion & Structural Deformation Rafael Ritterbusch
A Numerical Approach to Thermal Management of Dynamic Driving Cycles Mario Disch (Daimler AG), Thomas Walker (CD-adapco)
Multiphase flow I (Eulerian two phase flow and Boiling) Prof. Simon Lo
電気機器の設計と解析のためのソフトウェアソリューション Markus Anders
Fire Life Safety Analysis of Train Fire in an Underpass Sai Doddi