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Automated Exhaust Line Simulation Yohann Perrot
Managing form, function and process: The aerodynamic development of the 2011 Ford Ranger Global Compact Pick-Up with STAR-CCM+ Robert Carstairs, Neil Lewington, Thorsten Maertens
Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) Simulation with STAR-CCM+ Tom Marinaccio
Electronics Thermal Simulation - Trends, Implications & Software Requirements Ruben Bons
A CFD Study of Particle-Laden Flow of a Tundish Water-Model Eike Runschke, Zeljko Cancarevic, Henning Schliephake
CFD simulation of a burner for SYNGAS characterization : preliminary results and experimental validation M. D'Amico, U. Desideri, F. Fantozzi
Missile External Aerodynamics Using STAR-CCM+ Deryl Snyder
Lid-Driven Cavity Flow
Using CFD to Wring Out Energy Efficiency in Laboratory Settings Scott Reynolds
Thermal simulation of IGBTs used in hybrid-electric vehicles Ruben Bons
Best Practices Workshop (III): Adjoint Solver
Demonstration of Chimera in STAR-CCM+ EungJu Kim
Recent & Upcoming Features in STAR-CCM+ for Aerospace Applications Deryl Snyder
Reduction of noise in screw compressors Elvedin Mujić Ahmed Kovačević, Nikola Stošić, Ian K Smith
Empirical Battery Models Robert Spotnitz
Advanced Combustion Modeling with DARS Fabian Mauss
Systems Level CFD Simulations of Large Power Density Electronics Packages Using K-Core Heat Exchanger/Cold Plate Assembly Kevin R. Anderson
Profile optimization of the charge air distribution by means of the CFD simulations of the fluid flow and heat transfer I.V. Shevchuk
A Combined Electromagnetic and Thermal Approach to the Design of Electrical Machines D. G. Dorrell, M. I. McGlip, M. I. McGlip
Trends, Implications & Electronics Thermal Design Needs due to System Electrification Ruben Bons
The Validation of Fluid-Elastic Instabilities in a Flexible Rod Bundle using STAR-CCM+ coupled to Abaqus Alan Mueller
Heat Transfer Through an Axial Fan with a Non-Homogeneous Temperature Source Markus Riesterer, Bettina Frohnapfel, (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Thomas Binner, Heinrich Reisterer, (Daimler AG)
LES applications for internal combustion engine David Gosman, Richard Johns
Integrated Meshing in STAR-CCM+ Aly Khawaja
Conference overview Bill Clark, Sr Vice President
Current progress in DARS model development for CFD Harry Lehtiniemi
STAR-CCM+ Capabilities for Aerospace & Defense Deryl Snyder
Investigation of Airfoil Aeroacoustics due to different Stall Mechanism using Large Eddy Simulation (LES) Voo Keng Soon Vince, Lim Nee Sheng Winson , Tan Chun Hern
Noise Predictions of Tandem Cylinder using DES Orhan Aybay
Aerodynamic Optimization of Chalmers Formula Student Vehicle Athanasios Tzanakis
Development of an Alternative Cooling System for Inverters of a Solar Plant Aron Kneer
Analysis of the Coffee Roasting Process under Actual Operating Conditions Stefano Farina, Massimo Milani, Luca Montorsi
Computational Flow Assurance for Design and Development of Subsea Pipelines Professor Simon Lo
Information Gain through Validation with Uncertainty Quantification (V/UQ) Philip J. Smith
IC Engine Roadmap Richard Johns
DARS SRM as Combustion Model for Engine Concept Development Arne Andersson
Urea‐injection and ‐preparation in Diesel applications Simon Fischer
Computational Fluid Dynamics for Reactor Design & Safety-Related Applications Emilio Baglietto様
3D-CAD Kim Eung Ju
STAR-CCM+ in the Process Industry Mark Farrall
Performance of a Proposed Micro-Aerial Vehicle Design Dave Cooper
STAR-CCM+ Simulations of In-Situ Thermal Treatment of Oil-Shale Michal Hradisky
Simulation for the Oil and Gas Industry Ivar Iverson
Sunburned products: Numerical aging caused by sun exposition Axel Müller, Teodora Vatahska
Battery Modeling Solutions Gaetan Damblanc
Battery Simulation Module Demo Gaëtan Damblanc
Close Range Atmospherical Dispersion Near Nuclear Sites - An Investigation by CFD Nicolas Goreaud, B. Farges, P. Brocheny, C. Thelier
Immersive Engineering and Multimodal Process Visualization E. Schnell
A Co-Simulation Approach to Modeling the Solenoid Valve Multiphysics Sharat Prasad, Kaushik Das, Krishna Gundu