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Vehicle Thermal Reliability Fabiano Bet
1-D/3-D Co-Simulation of Environmental Control System for Aircraft Klaus Wolf
CFD Study of an Industrial Heater Zhili Qin
BDS Demo - Battery Modeling Roadmap Robert Spotnitz , Gaëtan Damblanc
Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling of two phase flow in a boiling water reactor fuel assembly Adrian Tentner, Simon Lo, Andrey Ioilev, Maskhud Samigulin, Vasily Ustinenko
Computational Simulations of Fuel Cell Yoo Ha-Neul
Modeling of Battery Systems and Installations Using STAR-CCM+ Richard Johns, Bob Spotnitz
Migration from STAR-CD to STAR-CCM+ at the BMW Group Arne Lehmann
Class 8 Tractor Trailer Aerodynamics Dinesh Madugundi
Application of STAR-CCM+ to Turbocharger Modeling at BorgWarner Turbo Systems David Grabowska, Dean Palfreyman, Bob Reynolds, Fred Mendonca
Simulation of a Vane-type Oil Pump Thomas Fischer, Dr. Ulrich Stubbemann, Jan Fischer, Kai Fellmann
Turbomachinery Simulation using STAR-CCM+ Fred Mendonça
Kopplung von DEM und CFD zur Simulation von Festbettreaktoren für stark exotherme Reaktionen Kevin Seidler, Thomas Eppinger
Conjugate heat transfer simulations of a bypass valve for the next generation of highest-efficient power plants Anis Haj Ayed, Martin Kemper, Karsten Kusterer, Olaf Tebbenhoff
Using STAR-CCM+ for Wind Dispersion Studies Scott D. Reynolds
Trends, Implications & Electronics Thermal Design Needs due to System Electrification Ruben Bons
Battery Design Studio Update
Electronics Thermal Simulation - Trends, Implications & Software Requirements Ruben Bons
The Key Role of Simulation in Driving Technology Innovation for Clean and Secure Energy Philip J. Smith, professor and director
Variable-Fidelity Aerodynamic Analysis for Multidisciplinary Wing Design Ing. Laura Mainini, Ing. Marco Tosetti, Prof. Paolo Maggiore
Assessment of an Algebraic Heat Flux Model for the Applications of Innovative Nuclear Reactors Afaque Shams
Missile External Aerodynamics Using STAR-CCM+ Deryl Snyder
Numerical simulation in vertical wind axis turbine with pitch controlled blades Bayeul Annie-Claude, Dockter Aurore, Simonet Sophie, Bois Gérard
Demonstration of Chimera in STAR-CCM+ EungJu Kim
Wind Farm Siting Simulation in STAR-CCM+ Mike Dombrowksi
SPEED: Software for electric machine design and analysis Markus Anders
Advanced Combustion Modeling with DARS Fabian Mauss
Drag and Lift Validation of Wing Profiles Martin van Staden
Experimental Validation of STAR-CCM+ for Liquid Container Slosh Dynamics Brandon Marsell
IC Engine Roadmap Richard Johns
Advanced Wall Treatment Method for Turbulent Flow CFD Simulations M. Nuutinen
Simulation of the mixture preparation for an SI Engines using multi-component fuels Michael Heiss, Thomas Lauer
3D-CAD Kim Eung Ju
The repair of a compressor rotor blade airfoil Allan Thomson
The Effects of the Planform Shape on Drag Polar Curves of Wings: FSI Analysis Results Matteo Ciabattari
LES applications for internal combustion engine David Gosman, Richard Johns
Maneuvering predictions in the early design phase using CFD generated PMM data Claus D. Simonsen, Janne F. Otzen, Christian Klimt, Nikolaj L. Larsen, Frederick Stern
Investigation of Airfoil Aeroacoustics due to different Stall Mechanism using Large Eddy Simulation (LES) Voo Keng Soon Vince, Lim Nee Sheng Winson , Tan Chun Hern
Validation in Model and Full Scale for Maritime Engineering Simulations Karsten Fach, Vice President – Engineering Services
Simulation of centrifugal casting via STAR-Cast Santhanu Jan
GFR Wins Overall FS Germany Competition
Development of an Alternative Cooling System for Inverters of a Solar Plant Aron Kneer
Thermal Cycle CFD Simulation of a Charge Air Cooler Madhu Vellakal
Water atomization in spray nozzles Fredrik Jaremann
Vehicle Thermal Reliability Fabiano Bet
Structure, Extinction & Ignition of Non-Premixed Flames in the Counterflow Configuration Ryan Gehmlich
Performance of a Proposed Micro-Aerial Vehicle Design Dave Cooper
Development of an Alternative Cooling System (Earth Heat Exchanger) for Inverters of a Solar Plant A. Kneer, M. Wirtz, C. Weisshuhn
Pulsatile blood flow-split in aortic arch dissection D. Afkar, F Gabaldon Castillo, J Rodriguez Soler
Battery Simulation Module Demo Gaëtan Damblanc