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Advances in Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Two Phase Flow in a Boiling Water Reactor Fuel Assembly Adrian Tentner, Simon Lo,Andrey Ioilev, Vladimir Melnikov, Maskhud Samigulin, Vasily Ustinenko, Valentin Kozlov July 17, 2006
Advances in Multiphase Flow Simulation Simon Lo
Advances in Simulation for Marine And Offshore Applications Milovan Perić
Advances in Simulation for Marine Engineering M. Perić, E. Schreck October 20, 2009
Advances in the development and validation of CFD-BWR , a Two-Phase Computational Fluid Dynamics model for the simulation of flow and heat transfer in Boiling Water Reactors Adrian Tentner, Simon Lo, David Pointer, Andrew Splawski January 1, 2010
Advances in Turbomachinery Simulation Fred Mendonça
Aeroacoustic Noise Estimations of Automotive fans Anders Tenstam
Aeroacoustics and trends towards aero-vibroacoustics Fred Mendonca
Aeroacoustics in STAR-CCM+ (only Busan) Dr. Fred Mendonca
Aeroacoustics Simulations for the Aerospace Industry Fred Mendonça , Deborah Eppel
Aerodynamic analysis and optimisation of the rear wing of a WRC car Eduardo Cañada September 27, 2012
Aerodynamic and structural design of a plastic sump guard component Bernardo Coelho, Vinicius Leal, Guilherme Carneiro, Jonathan Rodrigues, Nelson Timponi, Thiago Zolet, Glauber Resende October 6, 2010
Aerodynamic development of a time-trial bicycle helmet: From CFD to le the eulerian multiphase flow modelthe eulerian multiphase flow model - Tour de France Geneviève Dutil, Yannick Sirois
Aerodynamic development of a time-trial bicycle helmet: From CFD to le the eulerian multiphase flow modelthe eulerian multiphase flow modelTour de France Geneviève Dutil, Yannick Sirois
Aerodynamic Effects of Roof Deflector and Cab Side Extenders for Truck-Trailer Combinations Helena Martini, Björn Bergqvist, Linus Hjelm, Lennart Löfdahl
Aerodynamic Investigation of Gap Treatment- and Chassis Skirts Strategies for a Novel Long-Haul Vehicle Combination Helena Martini, Björn Bergqvist, Linus Hjelm, Lennart Lofdahl October 2, 2012
Aerodynamic performance of racing bicycles and practical considerations for CFD workflows Matthew N. Godo
Aerodynamic Validation Studies for Space & Defense Applications Kenneth E. Xiques
Aerodynamics of Heavy Vehicles Driving Past a Wall Florian Iser, Raimund A. Almbauer August 18, 2008
Aerodynamics of High-Lift Wings with Ground Effect for Racecars Wael A. Mokhtar April 14, 2008
Aerodynamics Performance for Stepped Labyrinth Seals for Gas Turbine Applications Y. Kang, T. S. Kim, S. Y. Kang, H.K. Moon June 14, 2008
Aeroelastic Workshop: The Validation of Aeroelastic Simulations using STAR-CCM+ coupled to Abaqus Rafael Ritterbusch
Aeroharmony: The Development of Cross-Flow Fan Propulsion Joseph Kummer
Aerospace Applications & Case Studies Deryl Snyder
Aerospace Applications & Case Studies Deryl Snyder
After treatment :SCR modeling using STAR-CCM+ Richard Johns
Aircraft Damping Derivative Estimation Using STAR‐CCM+ Angelo Lerro
Aircraft Damping Derivatives Estimation Using STAR-CCM+ A. Lerro, M. Visone
Aircraft Passenger Cabin Thermal Comfort Analysis D. Cannoletta
Aircraft Passenger Cabin Thermal Comfort Analysis by Means of Integrated Mono Dimensional/CFD Approach P. Borrelli, A. Romano, D. Cannoletta
Airflow Analysis of a Custom “Green” Air Handling Unit Without a Pre-heater Scott Reynolds
Alternative fuels for IC Engines Andreas Kolbeck
An Aerosol Rapid Compression Machine for Studying Energetic-Nanoparticle-Enhanced Combustion of Liquid Fuels C. Allen, G. Mittal, C.J. Sung, E. Toulson, T. Lee January 1, 2011
An experimental and modelling approach to the determination of auto-ignition of diesel fuel, dodecane and hexadecane sprays at high pressure Alvaro Diez, Terese Løvås, Roy J. Crookes May 9, 2013
An integrated approach for simulating diesel engine performance using Direct Injection Stochastic Reactor Model (DI-SRM) Michal Pasternak, Andrea Matrisciano
An Investigation of the Impact of the Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Flow Field Plate Geometry and Design Using Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling and Simulation Vijay Edupuganti , Dr. Bevin Daglen February 21, 2012
An Investigative Study of Microfluidic Capabilities of STAR-CCM+ Harpreet S. Matharoo July 31, 2013
An overview of battery simulation Robert Spotnitz
An Overview of CFD Applications in Flow Assurances from Well Head to the Platform Simon Lo
Analysis of Asymmetric Aircraft Aerodynamics Due to an Experimental Wing Glove Fletcher Hartshorn June 27, 2011
Analysis of Flow Induced Noise in a Passenger Car Exhaust System - An Experimental and Numerical Approach D. Rana, F. Regin, M. Makana May 17, 2011
Analysis of GDL flooding effects on PEMFC performance S. Shimpalee , U. Beuscher, J.W. Van Zee August 1, 2007
Analysis of Scarfed Shape Effect over Slab Heating Process Jun-Seok Lim , Hyeong-Jin Kim , Hyun-Joon Kim
Analysis of the airstream in the ECS roller dynamometer building Stefan Schnörch
Analysis of two-phase flows in pipes and subchannels under high pressure N. Alleborn, R. Reinders, S. Lo, A. Splawski
Analysis of Void Fraction Distribution and Departure from Nucleate Boiling in Single Subchannel and Bundle Geometries Using Subchannel, System, and Computational Fluid Dynamics Codes Taewan Kim , Victor Petrov, Annalisa Manera, Simon Lo July 20, 2012
Analyzing Local Combustion Environment with a Flamelet Model and Detailed Chemistry Ossi Kaario, Armin Wehrfritz, Martti Larmi, Anders Brink April 1, 2012
Aneurysm Inflow-Angle as a Discriminant for Rupture in Sidewall Cerebral Aneurysms Morphometric and Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis Merih I. Baharoglu, Clemens M. Schirmer, Daniel A. Hoit, Bu-Lang Gao, Adel M. Malek October 1, 2010
Application of CFD in connection with ship design Claus Daniel Simonsen