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Overview & Perspectives for Internal Combustion Engine using STAR-CD Mark Zellat
Towards the Direct Numerical Simulation of a Nuclear Pebble Bed Flow Afaque Shams
Validation of STAR-CCM+ for External Aerodynamics in the Aerospace Industry CD-adapco
Transfer Function Method for Aeroacoustic Noise Predictions Jonathan Scott
Aerodynamic Development of the P09 Time-Trial Bike Helmet Geneviève Dutil, Yannick Sirois
Surface preparation and meshing in STAR-CCM+ Sun Lee
STAR-CCM+ in your Workflow Bill Jester
Thermal simulation of IGBTs used in hybrid-electric vehicles Ruben Bons
STAR-CCM+-Models & Application in the Chemical Process Industry Ravindra Aglave
Fluid Structure Interaction in STAR-CCM+ Alan Mueller
Simulation of Free-Surface Flows with STAR-CCM+ Milovan Perić
Comparison of predictions obtained on an exhaust manifold analysis using conformal and indirect mapped interface Swathi Satish , Surathkal, Karnataka, Mani Prithiviraj, Sridhar Hari
Simulating Systems in Ground Vehicle Design Frederick J. Ross
The Meaning and Significance of Heat Transfer Coefficient Alan Mueller
Advances in Multiphase Flow Simulation Simon Lo
Transient Radial Blower Simulation as Part of the Development Process Wolfram Kuehnel
Computational Fluid Dynamics for Reactor Design & Safety-Related Applications Emilio Baglietto
Experimental Correlation of CFD Results on the Formula 3 Christophe Perrin
Simulating the Blister Tap Hole Concept Design Using Conjugate Heat Transfer Capabilities in STAR-CCM+ B. Henning, F. Marx, D. Hartzenberg, N. Fowler, M. Shapiro
Where The Heat Goes - Thermal Analysis of Internal Combustion Engines Marcus Ende, Carsten Skrobanek, Christian Schramm, Rene Paessler, Carolus Gruenig
Approaches for Acoustics Simulation for Automotive Air Induction & Exhaust Systems Fabiano Bet, Gerald Seider, Simon Bless
Achieving Good Natural Ventilation through the Use of High Performance Computer Simulations - Singapore Case Studies Po Woei Ken
Berechnung der Luftführung in Schweinemastställen mit Hilfe von Computersimulationen Stefan Linke
Current progress in DARS model development for CFD Harry Lehtiniemi
Rotorcraft Design & Analysis Capabilities in STAR-CCM+ Ritu Marpu
Accurate and Efficient Turbomachinery Simulation Chad Custer
Tugboat and Skeg Design Claus Daniel Simonsen
Emulating the Direct Blister Furnace Process with Coal Combustion Bennie Henning
Dedicated Parametric Modeling Techniques for Simulation-Driven Design using STAR-CCM+ Stefan Harries
Simulating Systems in Ground Vehicle Design Frederick J. Ross
Upcoming Electromagnetic Applications with STAR-CCM+ Stefan Holst
Axial Compressor Design with AixCompFlow 2D and STAR-CCM+ N. Moritz, K. Kusterer
Aerodynamic performance of racing bicycles and practical considerations for CFD workflows Matthew N. Godo
Large Structures CFD Simulations for Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants Pedro Fonseca, Nelson Marques, Jorge Azevedo, Vera Rodrigues, Marion Toigo
Simulation of two-phase flow in a hydraulic cyclone tank Glenn Tørå
Flow Assurance By Design Denis Nagy, VP, Business Development and Director
From CAD Data to E-coat Thickness: Learn the Special Knowledge to Do it with STAR-CCM+ Klaus Wechsler
Overview & Perspectives for Internal Combustion Engine using STAR-CD Marc Zellat
0D/1D after-treatment modeling with DARS Fabian Mauss
Numerical analysis of thermal stratification phenomenon in bent pipes Marco Pellegrini, Hiroshi Endo, Hisashi Ninokata
RANS Simulations of Cavitating Azimuthing Thrusters Norbert Bulten & Maarten Bijlard
CD-adapco Product Strategy & Roadmap Jean-Claude Ercolanelli
CFD Contributions to the Nuclear Power Renaisance Eric Volpenhein
Sunburned products: Numerical aging caused by sun exposition Axel Müller, Teodora Vatahska
CFD Projects at the Energy Systems Laboratory - Indian Institute of Technology Atul Bhargav
CFD Methodologies including Large Eddy Simulation for Noise Prediction Fred Mendonça
Vehicle Thermal Reliability Fabiano Bet
The Advantage of Synergy in Civil Engineering Erwin G. Schnell
The application of CFD at Heerema Marine Contractors Harald Ottens, Alessio Pistidda
The Hot Side of the Light Pier Angelo Favarolo