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Drag and Lift Validation of Wing Profiles Martin van Staden
Counteracting ring formation in rotary kilns Michele Pisaroni
Software development information of STAR-CCM+ BSM v6.04/v6.06 Steve Hartridge
Discover Better Designs, Faster: Driving Innovation Through CAE Robert R. Ryan
STAR-CCM+ in your Workflow Bill Jester
Examples, Developments & Future Trends of Simulation in the Oil & Gas Industry Alex Read
A comprehensive solution for efficient combustion simulation with detailed chemistry Fabian Mauss
Analysis of the airstream in the ECS roller dynamometer building Stefan Schnörch
Collaborative Engineering with STAR-CCM+ Steve Gorrell, Greg Jensen, Ryan Packer
Ship Design Optimization Maurice F. White
Using STAR-CCM+ for Research & Teaching at the Chair of Chemical & Process Engineering Matthias Kraume, Gregor Wehinger, Thomas Eppinger
Application of STAR-CCM+ to turbocharger performance prediction: A Power train perspective Fred Mendonca
HEEDS/DARS - Basic Global Mechanism Optimization Megan Karalus, PhD
Electrochemical analysis and thermal performance of lithium ion batteries Gaetan Damblanc, Steve Hartridge, Robert Spotnitz, Kenta Imaichi,
Duct Pulsation Problem Captured & Solved using STAR-CCM+ Eric Duplain
Multiphase Modeling in STAR-CCM+ Hyun-Joon Kim
In-Cylinder Engine Calculations: New Features & Upcoming Capabilities Richard Johns
Missile Configuration Test Cases John Carter
OpenRoad™: A VPD-Series Ground Transportation Add-on for STAR-CCM+ Thomas Walker
Parameter Driven Real-Life Design Process through STAR-CCM+ Automation Mauro Poian
Validation of STAR-CCM+ for External Aerodynamics in the Aerospace Industry CD-adapco
Fine Tuning of a Fast Catamaran Design to new Operating Conditions utilizing CFD & Optimization Hans Joergen Moerch
Reacting Flow Modeling in STAR-CCM+ Rajesh Rawat
Simulation of a vane cell oil pump Thomas Fischer, Ulrich Stubbemann, Jan Fischer, Kai Fellmann
Tugboat and Skeg Design Claus Daniel Simonsen
Adaptation of STAR-CCM+ Numerical Wave Tank to an Offshore Floater Design Tool A.R.
BDS Demo - Battery Modeling Roadmap Robert Spotnitz , Gaëtan Damblanc
Minimizing the Impact of Wind-Driven Rain on Buildings through the Use of High Performance Computer Simulations Po Woei Ken, Tan Phay Ping, Tan Hwee Sien
Comparison of predictions obtained on an exhaust manifold analysis using conformal and indirect mapped interface Swathi Satish , Surathkal, Karnataka, Mani Prithiviraj, Sridhar Hari
Automating the CAE Process with STAR-CCM+ & Optimate Aaron Godfrey
Computational Simulations of Fuel Cell Yoo Ha-Neul
The Italian challenge at the Little America’s Cup 2013: Design and analysis method for the C Class prototypes Giuseppe Musca
STAR-CCM+ Custom Apps Make Productive Experiences 酒井 勇
Advances in Multiphase Flow Simulation Simon Lo
Simulation of VAWT for wake effects Xiaojian Huang
Application of STAR-CCM+ to Turbocharger Modeling at BorgWarner Turbo Systems David Grabowska, Dean Palfreyman, Bob Reynolds, Fred Mendonca
Simulating the Blister Tap Hole Concept Design Using Conjugate Heat Transfer Capabilities in STAR-CCM+ B. Henning, F. Marx, D. Hartzenberg, N. Fowler, M. Shapiro
Technology Review: Modeling & Simulation for Biomedical Device Design Kristian Debus
Turbomachinery Simulation using STAR-CCM+ Fred Mendonça
Key STAR Technologies: Dispersed Multiphase Flow & Liquid Film Modeling David Gosman
Berechnung der Luftführung in Schweinemastställen mit Hilfe von Computersimulationen Stefan Linke
Investigation of Global Regular Wave Loading on a Damaged Ship using CFD Thomas Goatly
Vehicle Thermal Reliability Fabiano Bet
Steady Flow Over a Backward Facing Step
Trends, Implications & Electronics Thermal Design Needs due to System Electrification Ruben Bons
Best Practices Workshop (I): Simulation Assistant Petere
Axial Compressor Design with AixCompFlow 2D and STAR-CCM+ N. Moritz, K. Kusterer
Continuing Challenges in Aeroacoustics Fred Mendonça
Electronics Thermal Simulation - Trends, Implications & Software Requirements Ruben Bons
An overview of battery simulation Robert Spotnitz