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Best Practice: Turbomachinery Simulation Shigetoshi Maeda
Reacting Flow Applications in STAR-CCM+ Rajesh Rawat
CFD in Supercritical Water-cooled Nuclear Reactor (SCWR) with Horizontal Tube Bundles Zhi Shang, Simon Lo
Macro Scale Casting Simulation using STAR-Cast Julian Gänz
Advances in Turbomachinery Simulation Fred Mendonça
Advances in Simulation for Marine And Offshore Applications Milovan Perić
Design Competition Team List
Towards the Direct Numerical Simulation of a Nuclear Pebble Bed Flow Afaque Shams
Cool-Coverings André Rodrigues Santos
Case Studies from the Oil & Gas Industry: Downhole to Flow Assurance & Separation Alex Read, Fabio Kasper, Dr Matt Straw
Cavitation CFD using STAR-CCM+ of an Axial Flow Pump with Comparison to Experimental Edward Bennett
Optimization of a Dual-Fuel Low-NOx Combustion System for a Tangentially-Fired Utility Boiler Operating at a High Elevation Francois McKenty, Senior CFD Engineer
Design & Evaluation of a Passive Micromixer with Curved Shape Obstacles & Grooves in the Mixing Channel Cesar Augusto Cortes-Quiroz, Mark Tracey
Emulating the Direct Blister Furnace Process with Coal Combustion Bennie Henning
Conjugate heat transfer simulations of a bypass valve for the next generation of highest-efficient power plants Anis Haj Ayed, Martin Kemper, Karsten Kusterer, Olaf Tebbenhoff
Reacting Flow Applications in STAR-CCM+ Rajesh Rawat
Simulation of Free-Surface Flows with STAR-CCM+ Milovan Perić
Simulation of Particulate Solids Processing using Discrete Element Method Oleh Baran
Analysis of two-phase flows in pipes and subchannels under high pressure N. Alleborn, R. Reinders, S. Lo, A. Splawski
Use of STAR-CCM+ for Heat Exchanger Product Development Gary G Yu, Martin Timmins, Mario Ciaffarafa
The Meaning and Significance of Heat Transfer Coefficient Alan Mueller
Vehicle Thermal Management Simulation Scott Shurin
Software development information of STAR-CCM+ BSM v6.04/v6.06 Steve Hartridge
Experimental Correlation of CFD Results on the Formula 3 Christophe Perrin
Migration from STAR-CD to STAR-CCM+ at the BMW Group Arne Lehmann
CFD Prediction of Local Temperature on the Spent Fuel in a Dry Storage Kwack Young Kyun
Modelling of breakup and coalescence in vertical bubbly two-phase flows Simon Lo, Dongsheng Zhang
Achieving Good Natural Ventilation through the Use of High Performance Computer Simulations - Singapore Case Studies Po Woei Ken
Using STAR-CCM+ for Research & Teaching at the Chair of Chemical & Process Engineering Matthias Kraume, Gregor Wehinger, Thomas Eppinger
The Advantage of Synergy in Civil Engineering Erwin G. Schnell
SPEED: Software for electric machine design and analysis Markus Anders
Advances in Cyclonic Flow Regimes Dr. Dimitrios Papoulias, Thomas Eppinger
Virtual Prototyping at BMW Group. F. Christel
Duct Pulsation Problem Captured & Solved using STAR-CCM+ Eric Duplain
Upcoming Electromagnetic Applications with STAR-CCM+ Stefan Holst
In-Cylinder Engine Calculations: New Features & Upcoming Capabilities Richard Johns
An Overview of CFD Applications in Flow Assurances from Well Head to the Platform Simon Lo
OpenRoad™: A VPD-Series Ground Transportation Add-on for STAR-CCM+ Thomas Walker
Simulation of two-phase flow in a hydraulic cyclone tank Glenn Tørå
Increasing Downforce on a LeMans Prototype Jean-Philippe Pelaprat
Fine Tuning of a Fast Catamaran Design to new Operating Conditions utilizing CFD & Optimization Hans Joergen Moerch
0D/1D after-treatment modeling with DARS Fabian Mauss
Variable-Fidelity Aerodynamic Analysis for Multidisciplinary Wing Design Ing. Laura Mainini, Ing. Marco Tosetti, Prof. Paolo Maggiore
Discover Better Designs, Faster: Driving Innovation Through CAE Robert R. Ryan
Fast Reactor Subassembly Design Modifications for Increasing Electricity Generation Efficiency R. Wigeland, K. D. Hamman
Examples, Developments & Future Trends of Simulation in the Oil & Gas Industry Alex Read
CD-adapco Product Strategy & Roadmap Jean-Claude Ercolanelli
Collaborative Engineering with STAR-CCM+ Steve Gorrell, Greg Jensen, Ryan Packer
Development of an Ice Breaking Patrol Ship: A Look at Hull Form Design and Heli-deck Aerodynamic Dan Vyselaar
Minimizing the Impact of Wind-Driven Rain on Buildings through the Use of High Performance Computer Simulations Po Woei Ken, Tan Phay Ping, Tan Hwee Sien