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Understanding the effect of channel tolerances on performance of PEMFCs S. Shimpalee, V. Lilavivat, J.W. Van Zee, H. McCrabb , A. Lozano-Morales June 26, 2011
Unsteady RANS and LES Analyses of Hooper’s Hydraulics Experiment in a Tight Lattice Bare Rod-bundle L. Chandra, F. Roelofs, E. M. J. Komen, E. Baglietto
Unsteady simulation of flow in micro vertical axis wind trubine Bayeul Annie-Claude, Bois Gérard
Unsteady vehicle simulation(External aerodynamics, fans, and rotating tires) Fred Ross
Untersuchung des Wärmeabtransports an einem im EETNEK PV-Outdoor-Labor eingebundenen PV-Moduls mittels eines numerischen Simulationsmodells Thomas Basten April 15, 2013
Upcoming Electromagnetic Applications with STAR-CCM+ Stefan Holst
Upwind Sailing in a Rough Sea Giovanni Lombardi
Urea‐injection and ‐preparation in Diesel applications Simon Fischer
Urea‐injection and ‐preparation in Diesel applications Simon Fischer
Use of CFD to study Hydrodynamic Loads on Free-Fall Lifeboats in the Impact Phase Stian Ripegutu Johannessen June 1, 2012
Use of Eulerian Multi-Phase Algorithm to Simulate ORVR SHED Test for Automotive Fill Pipes Syed Ali
Use of STAR-CCM+ in marine and offshore engineering and future trends Milovan Perić
Using CFD for simulation of ships with different fuel saving rudder-propeller devices Claus D. Simonsen, Christian Klimt Nielsen, Zdravko Kishev October 10, 2010
Using CFD to Determine Heave Added Mass and Damping of a Suction Pile Richard Zoontjes, Harm Siegersma, Harald Ottens May 31, 2009
Using CFD to Wring Out Energy Efficiency in Laboratory Settings Scott Reynolds
Using STAR-CCM+ for Catalyst Utilization Analysis Alex Leong, Serdar Guryuva
Using STAR-CCM+ for Wind Dispersion Studies Scott D. Reynolds
Utilizing STAR-CCM+ to Advance the South African Power Generation Industry Ignus Le Roux
V3 in Fire & Smoke Analysis Erwin G. Schnell
Validation in Model and Full Scale for Maritime Engineering Simulations Karsten Fach, Vice President – Engineering Services
Validation of a new simulation tool for the analysis of electrochemical and thermal performance of lithium ion batteries. Gaetan Damblanc, Steve Hartridge, Robert Spotnitz, Kenta Imachi June 30, 2011
Validation of CFD predictions of flow in a 3D alveolated bend with experimental data C. van Ertbruggena, P. Corierib, R. Theunissenb, M.L. Riethmullerb, C. Darquennea October 4, 2007
Validation of CFD-BWR , a new two-phase computational fluid dynamic model for boiling water reactor analysis V.Ustinenko, M.Samigulin, A.Ioilev, S.Lo, A.Tentner, A.Lychagin, A.Razin, V.Girin, Ye.Vanyukov
Validation of Radial Turbomachinery Performance and Noise Issues Fred Mendonça
Validation of STAR-CCM+ for External Aerodynamics in the Aerospace Industry CD-adapco
Validation of STAR-CCM+ with the OECD/NEA T-junction Blind Benchmark S. Jayaraju, E. Komen, E. Baglietto
Validation of STAR-CD with TCM Plug-in Tool for Thermal Comfort Simulations S Evans, M Sabanca, O Moos, E Ruiz, A Strobel April 20, 2009
Validation of STAR‐CCM+ with the OECD/NEA T‐Junction Blind Benchmark Santhosh Jayaraju
Validation of unstructured CFD modeling applied to the C3X turbine including conjugate heat transfer F. Mendonça, J. Clement, D. Palfreyman, A. Peck March 1, 2011
Validity of Commercial CFD Codes in Low-Budget Race Car Development J. Ginete, J. Moore, G. Tartaglione January 1, 2011
Variable-Fidelity Aerodynamic Analysis for Multidisciplinary Wing Design Ing. Laura Mainini, Ing. Marco Tosetti, Prof. Paolo Maggiore
Vehicle Applications using STAR-CCM+ Fred Ross
Vehicle Applications using STAR-CCM+ Fred Ross
Vehicle Driving Cycle Performance of the Spark-less DI-JI Hydrogen Engine A. A. Boretti May 1, 2010
Vehicle Powertrain Example Analyses D.C.
Vehicle Thermal Management Simulation Scott Shurin
Vehicle Thermal Reliability Fabiano Bet
Vehicle Thermal Reliability Fabiano Bet
Virtual Flow Bench Test of a Two Stroke Engine Andrew Sugden January 5, 2011
Virtual Manufacturing Empowers Digital Product Development : Case Study E-Coat Simulation Klaus Wechsler, Frank Pfluger
Virtual Manufacturing Supports Digital Product Development – Better Corrosion Protection by E-Coat Simulation in STAR-CCM+ Frank Pfluger
Virtual Prototyping at BMW Group. F. Christel
Virtual Testing for Automotive Components & its Integration into the OEM´s Product Creation Process Gerald Seider
Vortex Shedding Past a Cylinder
Water / Breakwater interactions using DFBI Jan-Hendrik Grobler
Water / Breakwater interactions using DFBI Jan-Hendrik Grobler
Water atomization in spray nozzles Fredrik Jaremann
Wave Structure Interaction Simulated By STAR CCM+ M. Bozorgnia, Jiin-Jen Lee
Wave-in-Deck Load Analysis for a Jack-Up Platform Thomas E. Schellin, Milovan Peric, Ould el Moctar May 1, 2011
Wind Farm Siting Simulation Dennis Nagy, VP