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Computational Evaluation of the Performance of Lifting Surfaces with Leading-Edge Protuberances Paul W. Weber, Laurens E. Howle, Mark M. Murray , David S. Miklosovic October 8, 2010
CFD Analysis of a Duct’s Effectiveness for Model Scale and Full Scale Tobias Zorn, Justus Heimann, Volker Bertram October 10, 2010
CFD Simulation of Orifice Flow for the Flooding of Damaged Ships Christian D Wood, Dominic A Hudson, Mingyi Tan October 10, 2010
CFD validation of different propeller ducts on open water condition Alejandro Caldas, Marcos Meis, Adrián Sarasquete October 10, 2010
Using CFD for simulation of ships with different fuel saving rudder-propeller devices Claus D. Simonsen, Christian Klimt Nielsen, Zdravko Kishev October 10, 2010
CFD optimization of vortex generators forming the wake flow of large ship Pawel Dymarski, Marek Kraskowski October 10, 2010
Comparison of the stochastic fields method and DQMoM-IEM as turbulent reaction closures Jethro Akroyd, Alastair J. Smith, Laurence R. McGlashan, Markus Kraft October 15, 2010
Efficient CFD Simulation Process for Aeroacoustic Driven Design Fred Mendonça, Alex Read, Fabiano Imada, Vinicius Girardi October 17, 2010
Efficient CFD Simulation Process for Aeroacoustic Driven Design F. Mendonça, A. Read, F. Imada, V. Girardi October 17, 2010
Multiphase CFD-CHT Analysis and Optimization of the Cooling Jacket in a V6 Diesel Engine S. Fontanesi, G. Cicalese, M. Giacopini October 25, 2010
Large Eddy Simulation for thermal fatigue prediction in a T-Junction :Wall function or Wall-resolve based LES S.T. Jayaraju, E.M.J. Komen, E. Baglietto November 1, 2010
STAR-CCM+ Boiling Model Validation Dr. Emilio Baglietto November 1, 2010
Computational Evaluation of Platelet Activation Induced by a Bioprosthetic Heart Valve Eric Sirois, Wei Sun November 18, 2010
Progress in the Self-Similar Turbulent Flame Premixed Combustion Model V. Moreau December 1, 2010
Simulated elliptical bioprosthetic valve deformation: Implications for asymmetric transcatheter valve deployment Wei Sun, Kewei Li, Eric Sirois December 1, 2010
The Effects of Injection Timing and Piston Bowl Shape on PHCCI Combustion with Split injections Sangyul Lee, Hoimyoung Choi, Jaewoo Chung December 4, 2010
Practical CFD to Compute Resistance, Sink and Trim of Fully Appended Sailing Yachts I. M. Viola, R.G.J. Flay December 5, 2010
Simulation of Flow Around KCS-Hull S. Enger, M. Perić, R. Perić December 8, 2010
Computational Investigation of Water Dynamics in a PEM Fuel Cell Cathode Channel M. Hossain December 17, 2010
Study of the Reverse Delta Wing Afaq Altaf, Ashraf A. Omar, Waqar Asrar, Hani Bin Ludin Jamaluddin January 1, 2011
Auxiliary Inlet Design Using StarCCM+ Kevin Neitzel January 1, 2011
On the Approximation of Local Efflux/Influx Bed Discharge in the Shallow Water Equations Based on a Wave Propagation Algorithm H. Mahdizadeh, P. K. Stansby, B. D. Rogers January 1, 2011
Development of the Advanced Simulator for Fly Ash Modification in the Pulverized Coal Combustion Furnace O. Akira, S. Akira, T. Tatsumi,, I. Ryunosuke, T. Masato, T. Takahiko January 1, 2011
Coupled Building Pollutant Transport Simulation Tom Chyczewski, Seungbae Hong January 1, 2011
Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer of Supercritical CO2 in Micro-Porous Media H. S. Choi, H. C. Park, C. Huh, S.G. Kang January 1, 2011
Transported Probability Density Function Methods for Reynolds-Averaged and Large-Eddy Simulations January 1, 2011
CFD Analysis of Gas Exchange Process in a Motored Small Two-stroke Engine R. Hariharan, N.V. Mahalakshmi, J. Krishnamoorthy January 1, 2011
Validity of Commercial CFD Codes in Low-Budget Race Car Development J. Ginete, J. Moore, G. Tartaglione January 1, 2011
An Aerosol Rapid Compression Machine for Studying Energetic-Nanoparticle-Enhanced Combustion of Liquid Fuels C. Allen, G. Mittal, C.J. Sung, E. Toulson, T. Lee January 1, 2011
DEM-CFD simulations of fixed bed reactors with small tube to particle diameter ratios T. Eppinger, K. Seidler, M. Kraume January 1, 2011
Performance of Three-Dimensional Annular Diffusers with Varying Dump Gap Ratios B. C. Bernier, J. Dunn, M. Ricklick, J. Kapat January 4, 2011
Virtual Flow Bench Test of a Two Stroke Engine Andrew Sugden January 5, 2011
Numerical Simulation of the Flow Around a Simplified Vehicle Model with Active Flow Control S. Krajnovic, J. Fernandes February 1, 2011
Large Eddy Simulation of the Vortex End in Reverse-Flow Centrifugal Separators G. Pisarev, A. Hoffmann, W. Peng, H. Dijkstra February 1, 2011
Programmed Trapping of Individual Bacteria Using Micrometre-Size Sieves M. Kim, B. C. Isenberg, J. Sutin, A. Meller, J. Y. Wong, C. M. Klapperich February 4, 2011
Fluid Simulation of a Transcatheter Aortic Valve Deployment into a Patient-Specific Aortic Root Eric Sirois, Qian Wang, Wei Sun February 10, 2011
Numerical Investigation of Diameter Effect on Heat Transfer of Supercritical Water Flows in Horizontal Round Tubes Z. Shang, S. Chen March 1, 2011
Validation of unstructured CFD modeling applied to the C3X turbine including conjugate heat transfer F. Mendonça, J. Clement, D. Palfreyman, A. Peck March 1, 2011
Tonal Noise Prediction of an Automotive Engine Cooling Fan: Comparison Between Analatycal Models and Acoustic Analogy Results E. Tannoury, B. Demory, M. Henner, S. Khelladi, F. Bakir March 21, 2011
Numerical Modeling of Resistance for a Conceptual Seatrain N. Harpal, C. Patel March 31, 2011
A Multiscale Model of the Neonatal Circulatory System Following Hybrid Norwood Palliation A. Ceballos, A. J. Kassab, E. A. Divo, R. D. Osorio, R. Argueta-Morales, W. M. DeCampli March 31, 2011
Performance of a Proposed Micro-Aerial Vehicle Design D. Cooper March 31, 2011
Prediction of Drop Sizes for Liquid–Liquid Systems in Stirred Slim Reactors—Part II: Multi Stage Impellers S. Maass, T. Rehm, M. Kraume April 1, 2011
Thermo-Mechanical Simulations of Rear Lamps with CFD Flavio Cimolin, Michele Rabito, Andrea Menotti April 12, 2011
Control of Airflow Noise From Diesel Engine Turbocharger Y. W. Lee, D. J. Lee, Y. So, D. Chung April 12, 2011
Characterisation of Flow Structures in a Direct-Injection Spark-Ignition Engine Using PIV, LDV and CFD J. Malcolm, M. Behringer, P Aleiferis, J. Mitcalf, D. OudeNijeweme April 12, 2011
PEM Fuel Cell Performance Under Particular Operating Conditions Causing the Production of Liquid Water: A Morphing on Bipolar Plate's Channels Approach P. Peraudo, O. Suria, M. Aietti, E. Testa, P. Maggiore April 12, 2011
Simulation of the Effect of Recirculated Gases on Ignition Delay During Cold Starting of a Direct Injection Diesel Engine R. Rofail, N. Henein April 12, 2011
Development and Assessment of POD for Analysis of Turbulent Flow in Piston Engines K. Liu, D. C. Haworth April 12, 2011
Cooling Performance Investigation of a Rear Mounted Cooling Package for Heavy Vehicles L Larsson, T. Wiklund, L. Löfdahl April 12, 2011