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Multiphase Modeling in STAR-CCM+ Hyun-Joon Kim
Design and optimization of plants and components for the production of polyurethane foams Carsten Brodbeck
Overview & Perspectives for Internal Combustion Engine using STAR-CD Marc Zellat
HEEDS/es-ice/STAR-CDを使用した筒内非定常シミュレーションワークフローの完全な自動化 Gerald Schmidt
A CFD Study of Particle-Laden Flow of a Tundish Water-Model Eike Runschke, Zeljko Cancarevic, Henning Schliephake
Parameter Driven Real-Life Design Process through STAR-CCM+ Automation Mauro Poian
Aerodynamic Effects of Roof Deflector and Cab Side Extenders for Truck-Trailer Combinations Helena Martini, Björn Bergqvist, Linus Hjelm, Lennart Löfdahl
CFD Simulations in Support to the MYRRHA Design Maria Manuela Profir, Vincent Moreau
Virtual Approach to Predict Heat Rejection of Combustion Engines Gerald Seider
Lid-Driven Cavity Flow
Reacting Flow Modeling in STAR-CCM+ Rajesh Rawat
Auxillary Inlet Design Kevin Neitzel
CFD Methodologies including Large Eddy Simulation for Noise Prediction Fred Mendonça
Recent & Upcoming Features in STAR-CCM+ for Aerospace Applications Deryl Snyder
A comprehensive solution for efficient combustion simulation with detailed chemistry Fabian Mauss
Missile External Aerodynamics Using STAR-CCM+ D. Snyder
Simulating Systems in Ground Vehicle Design Frederick J. Ross
STAR-CCM+® HPC Simulations of Different Well Spacing & Arrangement for In-situ Thermal Treatment of Oil Shale Michal Hradisky
Systems Level CFD Simulations of Large Power Density Electronics Packages Using K-Core Heat Exchanger/Cold Plate Assembly Kevin R. Anderson
Application of STAR-CCM+ to turbocharger performance prediction: A Power train perspective Fred Mendonca
Simulation of High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) via STAR-Cast Romuald Laqua
Modeling Wind Shielding for FPSO Tandem Offloading using CFD Robert Gordon, Chief Technical Advisor – Marine
DARS SRM as Combustion Model for Engine Concept Development Arne Andersson
Computational Simulations of Fuel Cell Yoo Ha-Neul
Higher Gas Turbine Operation Flexibility by Improved Diffuser Vanes of a Radial Compressor Anis Ayed
Application of DEM Model of STAR-CCM+ for Granular Flow Through a Pipe 加藤 丈侍様
流れの制御によるタイヤ温度低減 名塩 博史様
Heat Transfer Through an Axial Fan with a Non-Homogeneous Temperature Source Markus Riesterer, Bettina Frohnapfel, (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Thomas Binner, Heinrich Reisterer, (Daimler AG)
Application of STAR-CCM+ to Turbocharger Modeling at BorgWarner Turbo Systems David Grabowska, Dean Palfreyman, Bob Reynolds, Fred Mendonca
Thermisch behaglich durch CFD Conrad Völker
CFD Analyses of Innovative Electric Aircraft Designs Alex Stoll
Integrated Meshing in STAR-CCM+ Aly Khawaja
Turbomachinery Simulation using STAR-CCM+ Fred Mendonça
Racing Bike Aerodynamics Matthew Godo
Best Practices: Electronics Cooling Ruben Bons
Diminishing Test Resources and Aerodynamic Data Base Generation Seungki Ahn
CD-adapco Global Academic Program - More than Just Licenses! Tammy de Boer
Cervélo P5 aerodynamic development Ivàn Sidorovich
Development of Transient Simulation Methodologies for Underhood Hot Spot Analysis of a Truck Joshua Pryor, Matt Pierce, Eric Fremond, Yanick Michou
Forced Response Analysis of a Radial Inflow Turbine using STAR-CCM+ Frederik Popig, Arnold Kühhorn
CFD Optimization of a Six-Strand Continuous Casting Tundish at Georgsmarienhütte GmbH Eike Runschke
Analysis of the Coffee Roasting Process under Actual Operating Conditions Stefano Farina, Massimo Milani, Luca Montorsi
BDS Demo - Battery Modeling Roadmap Robert Spotnitz , Gaëtan Damblanc
Battery Design Studio® - an update Fred Mendonça
Aeroharmony: The Development of Cross-Flow Fan Propulsion Joseph Kummer
Discover Better Military Product Designs, Faster Rick Battani
Multiphase Flow Models in STAR-CCM+ Simon Lo
一次元ツール(JMAG、BDS)を活用した 設計探査の提案 松村 泰起, 盛 哲博, 佐伯 卓哉