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Multiphase flow I (Eulerian two phase flow and Boiling) Prof. Simon Lo
Analysis of the Corrosion Test Process for Heat Exchangers in Corrosion Test Chambers by CFD Simulation Rainer Stauch, F. Brändle, M. Pfitzer, Wolfram Kühnel
Noise Predictions of Tandem Cylinder using DES Orhan Aybay
Automated Exhaust Line Simulation Yohann Perrot
Vortex Shedding Past a Cylinder
Computational Flow Assurance for Design and Development of Subsea Pipelines Professor Simon Lo
es-ice Yuji Suga , Gerald Schmidt
Simulation of a vane cell oil pump Thomas Fischer, Ulrich Stubbemann, Jan Fischer, Kai Fellmann
Detached Eddy Simulation Analysis of a Transonic Rocket Booster for Steady & Unsteady Buffet Loads Matt Knapp
Electromagnetics & Electric Machines Stefan Holst
Automation for vehicle simulation Tom Marinaccio
An overview of battery simulation Robert Spotnitz
Integrating Filtration Mechanism with a 3D Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Model using STAR-CCM+ Hoon Lee
Simulation for the Oil and Gas Industry Ivar Iverson
Simulation of Acoustics & Turbulence Phenomena in Aerodynamics Applications with STAR-CCM+ Milovan Perić
Thermal Analysis & Design Improvement of an Internal Air-Cooled Electric Machine James Dorris
Immersive Engineering and Multimodal Process Visualization E. Schnell
Thermal Fluid-Structure Analysis of an Optical Device Including Radiation and Conduction Timo Laufer
Automated Computational Modeling of Aerospace Systems Paul Vasilescu
HL-20 Aerodynamics at Hypersonic Speeds James Clement
Multi-Fuel & Mixed-Mode IC Engine Combustion Simulation with a Detailed Chemistry based Progress Variable Library Approach Rajesh Rawat
CHT-analysis of rotor-stator system including radiation Alexander Shvorak, J. Wildhagen, Vinod Malapure
CD-adapco Global Academic Program - More than Just Licenses! Tammy de Boer
Overset Mesh Ahn Jung Hyeon
Aeroacoustic Optimization of an Axial Fan with Variable Blade Loading Michael Stadler, Michael Schmitz, Wolfgang Laufer, Peter Ragg
CD-adapco's vision of STAR-CCM+ in Chemical Industry Ravindra Aglave
STAR-CCM+ in the Process Industry Mark Farrall
Discrete Element Methods in STAR-CCM+ Petr Kodl
Emergency Ventilation System Modeling Michael Carl
The Increasing Demand for Virtual Prototypes in Civil Engineering Erwin Schnell
Overview of Battery Modeling Gaëtan Damblanc
CFD Topological Optimization of a Car Water-Pump Inlet using TOSCA Fluid & STAR-CCM+ Anselm Hopf, Andrew Hitchings & Les Routledge
Cooling Airflow System Modeling in CFD Using Assumption of Stationary Flow Peter Gullberg, Lennart Lofdahl, Peter Nilsson
From Transient Fan Blade Development to System Optimization with Underhood Simulation Friedrich Brotz
Adaptation of STAR-CCM+ Numerical Wave Tank to an Offshore Floater Design Tool Jang Whan Kim
Army Ground Vehicle Use of CFD and Challenges Scott Shurin
STAR-CCM+ Meshing Aly Khawaja, Shigetoshi Maeda, Kuninori Masushige
Comparison Between Numerical & PIV Experimental Results for Gas-Solid Flow in Ducts Fabio Kasper
The importance of correct modeling of bubble size and condensation in prediction of subcooled boiling flows S. Lo, A. Splawski, B.J. Yun
CFD analysis of a two-stroke 70cc moped engine to reduce spillage losses Manish Garg, Davinder Kumar
Aeraulic Optimization of an Electrical Box Cooling Denis Cornu
Teaching STAR-CCM+ in the University of Southampton Zheng-Tong Xie
Modelling Multiphase Flows in the Chemical and Process Industry Simon Lo
A Study of Reynolds Number Effects on Production Class 8 Tractor-Trailer Combinations Bhaskar Bhatnagar, Dinesh M, Mohan C
Large Eddy Simulations of Typical Industrial Bends Vivek Kumar, Beat Kissling, Panagiotis Papathanasiou, Filiz Aydin
Boiling Heat Transfer in ITER First Wall Hypervapotrons Dennis Youchison, Mike Ulrickson, Jim Bullock
Towards the Direct Numerical Simulation of a Nuclear Pebble Bed Flow Afaque Shams
Cervélo P5 aerodynamic development Ivàn Sidorovich
Trends, Implications & Electronics Thermal Design Needs due to System Electrification Ruben Bons
Increasing Exchanger Capacity with CFD Mike Porter, President and Principal Engineer