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Multiphase Flow Models in STAR-CCM+ Simon Lo
Coupling STAR-CCM+ with IOSO Optimization Software by the Example of an 8-Stage Axial Jet Engine Compressor Vladimir Folomeev, A. Iakunin, Andrey Kudryavtsev
The Key Role of Simulation in Driving Technology Innovation for Clean and Secure Energy Philip J. Smith, professor and director
Glass Bottle Forming Process Modeled in STAR-CCM+ Simone Ferrari, Marcello Ostorero
High Performance Unsteady Workflows with STAR-CCM+ Steve M. Legensky
Numerical simulation in vertical wind axis turbine with pitch controlled blades Bayeul Annie-Claude, Dockter Aurore, Simonet Sophie, Bois Gérard
Aerodynamic performance of racing bicycles and practical considerations for CFD workflows Matthew N. Godo
Structure, Extinction & Ignition of Non-Premixed Flames in the Counterflow Configuration Ryan Gehmlich
Fluid-Structure Interaction in STAR-CCM+(Demo) YooChul Lee
Overview & Perspectives for Internal Combustion Engine using STAR-CD Marc Zellat
Wind Farm Siting Simulation in STAR-CCM+ Mike Dombrowksi
A Multiscale Model of the Neonatal Circulatory System Following Hybrid Norwood Palliation Andres Ceballos
Tugboat and Skeg Design Claus Daniel Simonsen
Drag and Lift Validation of Wing Profiles Martin van Staden
3D CAD Kim Eung Ju
Best Practice: CFD Analysis Guidelines for Engine Simulation Shota Niikura
STAR-CCM+ captures the acoustics buried in turbulence Gary Yu, Martin Timmins, Mario Ciaffarafa
Numerical Analysis of Erosion of Gas-Pipeline Elements Andrey Kudryavtsev
Eulerian –Granular Model Gyo-Soon Kim
Driving Design Innovation Angelo E. Flemings
The repair of a compressor rotor blade airfoil Allan Thomson
Numerical Aero-Thermal Investigation for a Science Payload in a Dust Devil Boundary-Layer on Mars Bianca Cefalo, Dario Severino
Unsteady vehicle simulation(External aerodynamics, fans, and rotating tires) Fred Ross
Maneuvering predictions in the early design phase using CFD generated PMM data Claus D. Simonsen, Janne F. Otzen, Christian Klimt, Nikolaj L. Larsen, Frederick Stern
The application of CFD at Heerema Marine Contractors Harald Ottens, Alessio Pistidda
Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis of a High Loaded Convection Cooled Turbine Vane with STAR-CCM+ René Braun
Silver Sponsors’ Presentation: SIMULIA – FSI w/ Abaqus & STAR-CCM+ William Ramroth
Reducing Failure Rates with CFD Heat Transfer Simulations Emilio Baglietto様
Validation in Model and Full Scale for Maritime Engineering Simulations Karsten Fach, Vice President – Engineering Services
Practical CFD-DEM Software Needs & Issues in Agricultural Crop Flow Modeling Robert V. Shannon Jr.
Axial Compressor Design with AixCompFlow2D and STAR-CCM+ Norbert Moritz
Thermal Cycle CFD Simulation of a Charge Air Cooler Madhu Vellakal
Overset Grids Technology in STAR-CCM+: Current State & Future Developments Milovan Peric
DARS 1D for Powertrain Applications Fabian Mauss
Discrete Element Method in STAR-CCM+ Oleh Baran
Advanced Wall Treatment Method for Turbulent Flow CFD Simulations M. Nuutinen
Vehicle Thermal Reliability Fabiano Bet
Shock Absorber Oil Damper Report T.W.
Latest Battery Design Studio® development information Robert Spotnitz
Silver Sponsor Presentation SIMULIA Clive Ford
Development of an Alternative Cooling System (Earth Heat Exchanger) for Inverters of a Solar Plant A. Kneer, M. Wirtz, C. Weisshuhn
Motor-CAD links to SPEED Mircea Popescu, Dave Staton
Multi-Objective Optimization of a Boomerang Shape using modeFRONTIER and STAR-CCM+ Alberto Clarich
Battery Modeling Roadmap Gaëtan Damblanc
Electric Machine Simulation Technology Steve Hartridge
Engineering Simulation and the Orion Launch Abort Vehicle John Melton
STAR-CCM+ an Invaluable Tool for Coal Fired Power Plant Design Optimisation Ignus le Roux, Warwick Ham
CFD Analysis of the Performance of a Fast Catamaran with Rough Sea SEA Prof. Giovanni Lombardi
Unsteady simulation of flow in micro vertical axis wind trubine Bayeul Annie-Claude, Bois Gérard