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Emulating the Direct Blister Furnace Process with Coal Combustion Bennie Henning
Overset Grids Technology in STAR-CCM+: Current State & Future Developments Milovan Peric
Simulation of Free-Surface Flows with STAR-CCM+ Milovan Perić
Discrete Element Method in STAR-CCM+ Oleh Baran
Analysis of two-phase flows in pipes and subchannels under high pressure N. Alleborn, R. Reinders, S. Lo, A. Splawski
Innovative technologies for volume meshing in STAR-CCM+ Stefano Paoletti
Numerical Analysis of Erosion of Gas-Pipeline Elements Andrey Kudryavtsev
The Meaning and Significance of Heat Transfer Coefficient Alan Mueller
Driving Design Innovation Angelo E. Flemings
Vehicle Thermal Management Simulation Scott Shurin
Numerical Aero-Thermal Investigation for a Science Payload in a Dust Devil Boundary-Layer on Mars Bianca Cefalo, Dario Severino
Experimental Correlation of CFD Results on the Formula 3 Christophe Perrin
Use of STAR-CCM+ for Marine Applications at ABB Marine Dr. Pasi Miettinen
Modelling of breakup and coalescence in vertical bubbly two-phase flows Simon Lo, Dongsheng Zhang
Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis of a High Loaded Convection Cooled Turbine Vane with STAR-CCM+ René Braun
Achieving Good Natural Ventilation through the Use of High Performance Computer Simulations - Singapore Case Studies Po Woei Ken
Reducing Failure Rates with CFD Heat Transfer Simulations Emilio Baglietto様
Optimization of a Dual-Fuel Low-NOx Combustion System for a Tangentially-Fired Utility Boiler Operating at a High Elevation Francois McKenty, Senior CFD Engineer
Practical CFD-DEM Software Needs & Issues in Agricultural Crop Flow Modeling Robert V. Shannon Jr.
Virtual Prototyping at BMW Group. F. Christel
Manufacturing Simulation for the Casting Industry with STAR-Cast Julian Gänz
Upcoming Electromagnetic Applications with STAR-CCM+ Stefan Holst
Multi-Fuel Combustion & Detailed Chemistry Reaction Models Rajesh Rawat
An Overview of CFD Applications in Flow Assurances from Well Head to the Platform Simon Lo
The InDesA Virtual Test Bench Fabiano Bet, Gerald Seider
Numerical Modeling of Ship Propeller Interaction under Self-Propulsion Condition Vladimir Krasilnikov
Simulation of two-phase flow in a hydraulic cyclone tank Glenn Tørå
Increasing Downforce on a LeMans Prototype Jean-Philippe Pelaprat
Shock Absorber Oil Damper Report T.W.
0D/1D after-treatment modeling with DARS Fabian Mauss
Silver Sponsor Presentation SIMULIA Clive Ford
Fast Reactor Subassembly Design Modifications for Increasing Electricity Generation Efficiency R. Wigeland, K. D. Hamman
Shape optimization of a ship based on CFD simulations Luc Bordier, Fabian Pécot, Riccardo Buiatti, Camille Yvin, Jean-Jacques Maisonneuve
Multi-Objective Optimization of a Boomerang Shape using modeFRONTIER and STAR-CCM+ Alberto Clarich
CD-adapco Product Strategy & Roadmap Jean-Claude Ercolanelli
Electric Machine Simulation Technology Steve Hartridge
Development of an Ice Breaking Patrol Ship: A Look at Hull Form Design and Heli-deck Aerodynamic Dan Vyselaar
STAR-CCM+ an Invaluable Tool for Coal Fired Power Plant Design Optimisation Ignus le Roux, Warwick Ham
The Advantage of Synergy in Civil Engineering Erwin G. Schnell
Aeroacoustics Simulations for the Aerospace Industry Fred Mendonça , Deborah Eppel
New Applications of STAR-CCM+ in Marine & Off-Shore Engineering & Future Developments S. Enger, M. Peric, F. Schafer, E. Schreck, J. Singh
Kopplung von DEM und CFD zur Simulation von Festbettreaktoren für stark exotherme Reaktionen Kevin Seidler, Thomas Eppinger
Integrated modeling for Aerospace Powerplant system assessments Borja Díaz Soto
Let's Gain More Confidence of Clinicians with Our Colorful Contours: Blood Flow Simulation in Arteries using Abaqus & STAR-CCM+ Damon Afkari, Felipe Gabaldón, Javier Rodríguez
Computational Aeroelasticity : A Key Enabling Technology for the Design of Next-Generation Aircraft
1-D/3-D Co-Simulation of Environmental Control System for Aircraft Klaus Wolf
Laminar and Turbulent Flow in a S-bend
STAR-CCM+ / ACTRAN for Computational Aero-Acoustics Yves Detandt, Marie Cabrol, Romain Leneveu, Diego D’Udekem, Fred Mendonca
Best Practices Workshop (II): Overset Mesh Kynan Maley
Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling of two phase flow in a boiling water reactor fuel assembly Adrian Tentner, Simon Lo, Andrey Ioilev, Maskhud Samigulin, Vasily Ustinenko