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Multiphase Interactions: Which, When, Why, How? Ravindra Aglave
Dedicated Parametric Modeling Techniques for Simulation-Driven Design using STAR-CCM+ Stefan Harries
Multiphase Flow Models in STAR-CCM+ Simon Lo
DARS for Fuel Model Development Fabian Mauss
Axial Compressor Design with AixCompFlow 2D and STAR-CCM+ N. Moritz, K. Kusterer
Expiratory Virus Dispersion Throughout a Working Environment Berton Vite
Large Structures CFD Simulations for Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants Pedro Fonseca, Nelson Marques, Jorge Azevedo, Vera Rodrigues, Marion Toigo
Improved Vehicle Fuel Economy Through Optimization James Clement, Aaron Godfrey
Simulation of the mixture preparation for an SI Engines using multi-component fuels Michael Heiss, Thomas Lauer
Flow Assurance By Design Denis Nagy, VP, Business Development and Director
基于CCM+的某共轨喷油器各孔喷油一致性分析 周禛
From CAD Data to E-coat Thickness: Learn the Special Knowledge to Do it with STAR-CCM+ Klaus Wechsler
Combustion Modeling for Industrial Systems Niveditha Krishnamoorthy
A new meshing methodology for faster simulation of a Body-In-White dipping process Madhusudhan Devanathan
Performance of a Proposed Micro-Aerial Vehicle Design Dave Cooper
Numerical analysis of thermal stratification phenomenon in bent pipes Marco Pellegrini, Hiroshi Endo, Hisashi Ninokata
STAR-CCM+の流体騒音解析の概要と事例紹介 高橋 雄太
Battery Simulation Module Demo Gaëtan Damblanc
CFD Contributions to the Nuclear Power Renaisance Eric Volpenhein
Model development and experimental validation of diesel surrogate fuels using SRM-DI module simulations Terese Løvås, Alvaro Diez, Roy Crookes
Advanced Combustion Modeling with DARS Fabian Mauss
Validation of STAR‐CCM+ with the OECD/NEA T‐Junction Blind Benchmark Santhosh Jayaraju
Detached Eddy Simulation Analysis of a Transonic Rocket Booster for Steady & Unsteady Buffet Loads Matt Knapp
Meshing in STAR-CCM+: Recent Advances Aly Khawaja
Automation examaples in STAR-CCM+ Tom Walker
40-Ton Articulated Truck Cooling System Modelling Using STAR-CCM+ Gary Yu, Martin Timmins, Mario Ciaffarafa
What's Next for Electronics Cooling Simulations? Ruben Bons
The Hot Side of the Light Pier Angelo Favarolo
EGR Cooler Thermal Assessment by Implicitly Coupled Complex MultiPhysics Modeling Serdar Guryuva
Water atomization in spray nozzles Fredrik Jaremann
Overview of SIMULIA Multiphysics Stephen King
Fluid-Structure Interaction of a Surface Effect Ship Bow Seal & a Free Surface Andrew L. Bloxom
Discover Better Designs, Faster: Driving Innovation Through CAE Robert Ryan
Counteracting ring formation in rotary kilns Michele Pisaroni
Best Practice: Heat Transfer Simulation Hidemoto Kojima
Impact of STAR-CCM+ v7.0 in the Automotive Industry Frederick J. Ross
Analysis of the Corrosion Test Process for Heat Exchangers in Corrosion Test Chambers by CFD Simulation Rainer Stauch, F. Brändle, M. Pfitzer, Wolfram Kühnel
Two New Products: OpenRoad & EHP Thomas Marinaccio
Aerospace Applications & Case Studies Deryl Snyder
Convergence of Energy and Information Technologies Donald L. Paul, Retired Vice President and CTO
Vortex Shedding Past a Cylinder
空気圧縮を考慮した水面衝撃問題の数値解析事例について 高見 朋希様
Undergraduate & Graduate Use of STAR-CCM+ at Brigham Young University Steve Gorrell
Reacting Flow Applications in STAR-CCM+ Rajesh Rawat
Best Practices Workshop (II): Volume Meshing Kynan Maley
Gekoppelte Simulation von Strömung und Bewegung umströmter Körper Prof. Dr. Milovan Peric
Numerical Simulation of High Lift Trapezoidal Wing with Transition Modeling in STAR-CCM+ Prashanth Shankara,
Fire Life Safety Analysis of Train Fire in an Underpass Sai Doddi