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Several Examples of Turbomachinery Design & Simulation Using CFturbo® & STAR-CCM+® Ralph Peter Mueller
Recent & Upcoming Features in STAR-CCM+ for Aerospace Applications Deryl Snyder
Numerical Analysis of Erosion of Gas-Pipeline Elements Andrey Kudryavtsev
Numerical Investigation on Performance & Emission Characteristics of CI & SI Engine using 1D Cycle Simulation & DOE Method Jungsoo Park
STAR-CCM+ in the Process Industry Mark Farrall
The InDesA Virtual Test Bench Fabiano Bet, Gerald Seider
Systems Level CFD Simulations of Large Power Density Electronics Packages Using K-Core Heat Exchanger/Cold Plate Assembly Kevin R. Anderson
Silver Sponsor Presentation SIMULIA Clive Ford
DARS SRM as Combustion Model for Engine Concept Development Arne Andersson
Spatially Resolved Simulations of Heterogeneous Dry Reforming of Methane in Fixed-Bed Reactors Thomas Eppinger (CD-adapco) Matthias Kraume (Technische Universität Berlin)
Multiphase flow II (Applications & Theoretical background of DEM) Prof. Simon Lo
Cooling Airflow System Modeling in CFD Using Assumption of Stationary Flow Peter Gullberg, Lennart Lofdahl, Peter Nilsson
STAR-CCM+ and SPEED for electric machines cooling analysis Stefan Holst
Heat Transfer Through an Axial Fan with a Non-Homogeneous Temperature Source Markus Riesterer, Bettina Frohnapfel, (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Thomas Binner, Heinrich Reisterer, (Daimler AG)
内燃機関 - 筒内計算ロードマップ Richard Johns
Shape optimization of a ship based on CFD simulations Luc Bordier, Fabian Pécot, Riccardo Buiatti, Camille Yvin, Jean-Jacques Maisonneuve
Army Ground Vehicle Use of CFD and Challenges Scott Shurin
Integrated Meshing in STAR-CCM+ Aly Khawaja
New Applications of STAR-CCM+ in Marine & Off-Shore Engineering & Future Developments S. Enger, M. Peric, F. Schafer, E. Schreck, J. Singh
Best Practice: Multiphase Flows Xiao Hu
STAR-CCM+® Usage for Sorbent Injection Optimization Tyler Derritt
CD-adapco Global Academic Program - More than Just Licenses! Tammy de Boer
Numerical Modeling of Ship Propeller Interaction under Self-Propulsion Condition Vladimir Krasilnikov
Casting Simulations with STAR-Cast Julian Gänz
Modelling Multiphase Flows in the Chemical and Process Industry Simon Lo
Integrated modeling for Aerospace Powerplant system assessments Borja Díaz Soto
Analysis of the Coffee Roasting Process under Actual Operating Conditions Stefano Farina, Massimo Milani, Luca Montorsi
Best Practices Workshop (II): Overset Mesh Kynan Maley
The Role of Simulation in Accelerating Deployment of Clean and Secure Energy Technologies Prof. Philip J. Smith
The Increasing Demand for Virtual Prototypes in Civil Engineering Erwin Schnell
Boiling Heat Transfer in ITER First Wall Hypervapotrons Dennis Youchison, Mike Ulrickson, Jim Bullock
A CFD study of heating steel bar end face to allow machinability Eike Runschke, Zeljko Cancarevic, Axel Stüber, Henning Schliephake
Analysis of the Lubrication System in a High Pressure Piston Water Pump Davide Bottazzi, D. Galloni, M. Milani, L. Montorsi
Reaction Furnace Flame Analysis Mike Porter
Increasing Exchanger Capacity with CFD Mike Porter, President and Principal Engineer
STAR-CCM+ Simulations of In-Situ Thermal Treatment of Oil-Shale Michal Hradisky
Reacting Flow Applications in STAR-CCM+ Rajesh Rawat
Aspects of Industrial Flow Prediction using LES David Gosman
Numerical study of cavitating flow inside a flush valve Annie-Claude BAYEUL-LAINẺ, Sophie SIMONET, Guy CAIGNAERT
The Thermal Mechanical Fatigue (TMF) Analysis for an Exhaust Manifold – A Simple Application of File Based Coupling Shao-Chin Fan
The importance of correct modeling of bubble size and condensation in prediction of subcooled boiling flows S. Lo, A. Splawski, B.J. Yun
電子機器冷却シミュレーションの未来 Ruben Bons
Solution History and Solar Calculator Cho Jin Young
Industrial Application of CFD in Airbus Dr. Andreas Wick
A First Contact with STAR-CCM+: Comparing Analytical & Finite Volume solutions with STAR-CCM+ Simulations Michael Heyer