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CFD Projects at the Energy Systems Laboratory - Indian Institute of Technology Atul Bhargav
Battery Simulation Module Demo Gaëtan Damblanc
Detached Eddy Simulation Analysis of a Transonic Rocket Booster for Steady & Unsteady Buffet Loads Matt Knapp
Validation of STAR‐CCM+ with the OECD/NEA T‐Junction Blind Benchmark Santhosh Jayaraju
Virtual Manufacturing Empowers Digital Product Development - Case Study E-Coat Simulation Frank Pfluger, Klaus Wechsler
Numerical study of flow stream in mini wawt with relative rotating blades Bayeul Annie-Claude, Simonet Sophie, Dockter Aurore, Bois Gérard
The Hot Side of the Light Pier Angelo Favarolo
Automation examaples in STAR-CCM+ Tom Walker
Modeling of Battery Systems and Installation for Automotive Applications Richard Johns
Fluid-Structure Interaction of a Surface Effect Ship Bow Seal & a Free Surface Andrew L. Bloxom
Fire and Smoke Modeling in Tunnels and Emergeny Stations Peter Bailey
Counteracting ring formation in rotary kilns Michele Pisaroni
Better Reactors Grow from Better Simulations Emilio Baglietto
Modeling an Axisymmetric Perforated Brick Catalyst Ahmad Mat Yamin
Analysis of the Corrosion Test Process for Heat Exchangers in Corrosion Test Chambers by CFD Simulation Rainer Stauch, F. Brändle, M. Pfitzer, Wolfram Kühnel
Best Practice: Heat Transfer Simulation Hidemoto Kojima
CFD analysis of a density-dependent valve within a hot water system Helen Smith, Sally S. Bell, John N. Macbeth, David C. Christie, Neil Finlayson
Vortex Shedding Past a Cylinder
Aerospace Applications & Case Studies Deryl Snyder
Model development and experimental validation of diesel surrogate fuels using SRM-DI module simulations Terese Løvås, Alvaro Diez, Roy Crookes
Best Practices Workshop (IV): Parts & Mesh-Based Operations Kynan Maley
Profiting From CFD Use Mike Porter, President and Principal Engineer
Aeroacoustic Optimization of an Axial Fan with Variable Blade Loading Michael Stadler, Michael Schmitz, Wolfgang Laufer, Peter Ragg
Modeling layered NOx reduction technologies S. A. Bible, Volker Rummenhohl, Mark Siebeking, Reid Thomas, Caleb Triece
CD-adapco's vision of STAR-CCM+ in Chemical Industry Ravindra Aglave
Best Practices Workshop (II): Volume Meshing Kynan Maley
Alternative fuels for IC Engines Andreas Kolbeck
Round Table Discussion: Hardware & Software Trends Driving Simulation for Energy Engineering Media and Industry Experts
Integrating Filtration Mechanism with a 3D Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Model using STAR-CCM+ Hoon Lee
Outdoor Thermal Comfort Greg Thomas
Spray Characteristics & Simulating Flash Boiling Process 松村 恵理子様
Thermal Analysis & Design Improvement of an Internal Air-Cooled Electric Machine James Dorris
Meeting the Challenges of Fluid Structure Interaction Alan Mueller
Aircraft Passenger Cabin Thermal Comfort Analysis by Means of Integrated Mono Dimensional/CFD Approach P. Borrelli, A. Romano, D. Cannoletta
Automated Computational Modeling of Aerospace Systems Paul Vasilescu
FSI Demonstration Hyun Kim
Analysis of the airstream in the ECS roller dynamometer building Stefan Schnörch
Virtual Manufacturing Empowers Digital Product Development - Case Study E-Coat Simulation Frank Pfluger, Klaus Wechsler
Feedback Driven 6-DoF Modeling of a Tilt-Duct Aircraft Paul Vasilescu
Simulation of manufacturing processes Tom Marinaccio
Automation for STAR-CCM+ Kim Hak-Soon
The Italian challenge at the Little America’s Cup 2013: Design and analysis method for the C Class prototypes Giuseppe Musca
Use of STAR-CCM+ for Marine Applications at ABB Marine Dr. Pasi Miettinen
STAR-CCM+ DFBI in Naval Applications Minyee Jiang
Emergency Ventilation System Modeling Michael Carl
Simulating the Blister Tap Hole Concept Design using CHT Capabilities in STAR-CCM+ Dr. Bennie Henning
Aeroacoustics Simulations for the Aerospace Industry Fred Mendonça , Deborah Eppel
Advanced Applications of STAR-CCM+ in Chemical Process Industry Ravindra Aglave
Validation of STAR-CCM+ with the OECD/NEA T-junction Blind Benchmark S. Jayaraju, E. Komen, E. Baglietto
CFD Topological Optimization of a Car Water-Pump Inlet using TOSCA Fluid & STAR-CCM+ Anselm Hopf, Andrew Hitchings & Les Routledge