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エネルギーと電力産業におけるCFDと設計探査の成功事例 Jim Ryan
Aeroacoustic Noise Estimations of Automotive fans Anders Tenstam
In-Cylinder Engine Calculations: New Features & Upcoming Capabilities Richard Johns
Automation for vehicle simulation Tom Marinaccio
OpenRoad™: A VPD-Series Ground Transportation Add-on for STAR-CCM+ Thomas Walker
Incorporation of Multi-Member Substructure Capabilities in FAST for Analysis of Offshore Wind Turbines H. Song, A. Robertson, J. Jonkman, D. Sewell
Formula SAEにおける空力開発について ~STAR‐CCM+を用いた解析事例~ 能島 良輝様
Simulation of Acoustics & Turbulence Phenomena in Aerodynamics Applications with STAR-CCM+ Milovan Perić
Fine Tuning of a Fast Catamaran Design to new Operating Conditions utilizing CFD & Optimization Hans Joergen Moerch
Simulation of High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) via STAR-Cast Romuald Laqua
SI-ICE燃焼モデルの最新機能強化:ラージEGR率と希薄燃焼下での層状燃焼への適用 Marc Zellat
Practical Numerical Simulation of Laser Welding for Industrial Use Byron Bemis
Thermal Fluid-Structure Analysis of an Optical Device Including Radiation and Conduction Timo Laufer
Examples, Developments & Future Trends of Simulation in the Oil & Gas Industry Alex Read
STAR-CCM+ Meshing Aly Khawaja, Shigetoshi Maeda, Kuninori Masushige
Adaptation of STAR-CCM+ Numerical Wave Tank to an Offshore Floater Design Tool A.R.
Coupling of OLGA and STAR-CCM+ (1) Dennis Nagy
Minimizing the Impact of Wind-Driven Rain on Buildings through the Use of High Performance Computer Simulations Po Woei Ken, Tan Phay Ping, Tan Hwee Sien
CFD analysis of a two-stroke 70cc moped engine to reduce spillage losses Manish Garg, Davinder Kumar
Automating the CAE Process with STAR-CCM+ & Optimate Aaron Godfrey
Validation of an Unstructured Overset Mesh Method for CFD Analysis of Store Separation
Urea‐injection and ‐preparation in Diesel applications Simon Fischer
STAR-CCM+ Custom Apps Make Productive Experiences 酒井 勇
A Study of Reynolds Number Effects on Production Class 8 Tractor-Trailer Combinations Bhaskar Bhatnagar, Dinesh M, Mohan C
Simulation of VAWT for wake effects Xiaojian Huang
DES of Rudimentary Landing Gear Elisabeth Gren, Fred Mendonça
建築・都市環境に関する数値シミュレーション 大岡 龍三先生
Overview of Battery Modeling Gaëtan Damblanc
Technology Review: Modeling & Simulation for Biomedical Device Design Kristian Debus
Battery Design Studio® - an update Fred Mendonça
A Combined Electromagnetic and Thermal Approach to the Design of Electrical Machines D. G. Dorrell, M. I. McGlip, M. I. McGlip
External Aerodynamics and Vehicle Thermal Management Using STAR-CCM+: An Update Fred Ross
Key STAR Technologies: Dispersed Multiphase Flow & Liquid Film Modeling David Gosman
From Transient Fan Blade Development to System Optimization with Underhood Simulation Friedrich Brotz
A numerical method of modeling oil jet piston cooling
Investigation of Global Regular Wave Loading on a Damaged Ship using CFD Thomas Goatly
Surface preparation and meshing in STAR-CCM+ Sun Lee
Steady Flow Over a Backward Facing Step
Absicherung der thermischen Betriebssicherheit von PKWs mit STAR-CCM+ Fabiano Bet
Best Practices Workshop (I): Simulation Assistant Petere
Simulation of engine cooling components within the development of Behr Rainer Stauch
Continuing Challenges in Aeroacoustics Fred Mendonça
Floating LNG: How CFD Studies Improve Technip’s Project Development Cédric Leber
Water / Breakwater interactions using DFBI Jan-Hendrik Grobler
Shape Optimization of a Top Entry Mixer - A Case Study using CAESES / STAR-CCM+ Mike Saroch
Best Practice: Turbomachinery Simulation Shigetoshi Maeda