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CFD Methodologies including Large Eddy Simulation for Noise Prediction Fred Mendonça
Development of an Alternative Cooling System (Earth Heat Exchanger) for Inverters of a Solar Plant A. Kneer, M. Wirtz, C. Weisshuhn
Aerodynamic Validation Studies for Space & Defense Applications Kenneth E. Xiques
Battery Modeling Roadmap Gaëtan Damblanc
Simulating Systems in Ground Vehicle Design Frederick J. Ross
Engineering Simulation and the Orion Launch Abort Vehicle John Melton
Fluid Distribution & Investigation of Heat Transfer on a New Type of Solar Flat-Plate Collector Pascal Leibbrandt & Kevin Weber
CFD Analysis of the Performance of a Fast Catamaran with Rough Sea SEA Prof. Giovanni Lombardi
An integrated approach for simulating diesel engine performance using Direct Injection Stochastic Reactor Model (DI-SRM) Michal Pasternak, Andrea Matrisciano
Unsteady simulation of flow in micro vertical axis wind trubine Bayeul Annie-Claude, Bois Gérard
Advanced Turbomachinery Simulation using STAR-CCM+ Chad Custer
Modeling & Simulation in Aeroacoustics Fred Mendonça
Overview & Perspectives for Internal Combustion Engine using STAR-CD Marc Zellat
Introduction to SPT and OLGA Iris Andersen
Virtual Manufacturing Empowers Digital Product Development Frank Pfluger, Klaus Wechsler
DARS for modeling detailed fuel chemistry Harry Lehtiniemi
Lithium-ion Battery Cell Model (3D-MSE) Fumitaka Goto
Diminishing Test Resources and Aerodynamic Data Base Generation Seungki Ahn
CFD modelling of mixing and separation in multiphase flows Simon Lo
Transition Flow & Aeroacoustic Analysis of NACA0018 Satish Kumar Bonthu, Fred Mendonça, Ghuiyeon Kim, Hogeon Kim
Forced Response Analysis of a Radial Inflow Turbine using STAR-CCM+ Frederik Popig, Arnold Kühhorn
Airflow Analysis of a Custom “Green” Air Handling Unit Without a Pre-heater Scott Reynolds
Shape Optimization of a Top Entry Mixer - A Case Study using CAESES / STAR-CCM+ Mike Saroch
Advanced Wall Treatment Method for Turbulent Flow CFD Simulations Mika Nuutinen
Innovative technologies for volume meshing in STAR-CCM+ Stefano Paoletti
Validation of Radial Turbomachinery Performance and Noise Issues Fred Mendonça
Simulation of Selective Catalytic Reduction using DARS 1D Tool Karin Froejd
Coupling between STAR-CCM+ and FRIENDSHIP for optimization Daehwan Park
Application of DEM Model of STAR-CCM+ for Granular Flow Through a Pipe 加藤 丈侍様
Digitale Aerodynamikentwicklung der neuen Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse Dr. Alexander Wäschle
A virtual automated process to aid Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm diagnosis and treatments Simone Bartesaghi, Giorgio Colombo
Automated Thermal Underhood thermal Simulation Enric Aramburu
STAR-CCM+ Pre/Post Processing Bill Jester
Advanced Combustion Modeling with DARS Fabian Mauss
Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) Alan Mueller
Numerical Simulation of High Lift Trapezoidal Wing with Transition Modeling in STAR-CCM+ Prashanth Shankara,
Application of CFD in connection with ship design Claus Daniel Simonsen
STAR-CCM+ High Performance Computing Simulations of Oil Shale Retorting System Using Co-Simulation Michal Hradisky, Philip J. Smith, Alan K. Burnham
Continuing Challenges in Aeroacoustics Simulation Fred Mendonça
Fluid Structure Interaction in STAR-CCM+ Alan Mueller
CFD and wind tunnel testing Todd Leighton
Numerical Simulation of DLR-F11 High Lift Configuration using STAR-CCM+ Prashanth Shankara, Jeremy Hanke & Deryl Snyder
The InDesA Virtual Test Facility Environment Dr. Gerald Seider, Dr. Fabiano Bet
The InDesA Virtual Test Bench Fabiano Bet, Gerald Seider
Combustion Modeling for Industrial Systems Niveditha Krishnamoorthy
Modelling of droplet breakup and coalescence in an oil-water pipeline Simon Lo, Preetham Rao
V3 in Fire & Smoke Analysis Erwin G. Schnell
Best Practices Workshop (III): Heat Transfer Modeling Peter Ewing
Multiphase Flow Models in STAR-CCM+ Simon Lo
The State of the Industry, Trends and Opportunities Mark Peters, Vice President and Publisher of Hydrocarbon Processing