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Breaking Wave Impact on a Platform Column: An Introductory CFD Study Csaba Pakozdi, Timothy E. Kendon, Carl-Trygve Stansberg June 19, 2011
Boiling Heat Transfer in ITER First Wall Hypervapotrons Dennis Youchison, Mike Ulrickson, Jim Bullock
Better Reactors Grow from Better Simulations Emilio Baglietto
Better Reactors Grow from Better Simulations Emilio Baglietto
Best Practices Workshop (III): Heat Transfer Modeling Peter Ewing
Best Practices Workshop (II): Volume Meshing Kynan Maley
Best Practices Workshop (I): Surface Meshing Peter Ewing
Best Practice: Turbomachinery Simulation Shigetoshi Maeda
Best Practice: Multiphase Flows Xiao Hu
Best Practice: Heat Transfer Simulation Hidemoto Kojima
Best Practice: DEM Mitsushi Okada
Best Practice: CFD Analysis Guidelines for Engine Simulation Shota Niikura
Berechnung der Luftführung in Schweinemastställen mit Hilfe von Computersimulationen Stefan Linke
Benchmarking CD-Adapco's Star-CCM+ in a Production Design Environment Mikhail M. Grigoriev, Chester V. Swiatek,, James A. Hitt June 14, 2010
Benchmark Study on Thruster-Hull Interaction on a Semi-Submersible Crane Vessel Harald Ottens, Radboud van Dijk, Geert Meskers June 19, 2011
Benchmark Study Between CFD and Model Tests on a Semi-Submersible Crane Vessel Harald Ottens, Radboud van Dijk, Geert Meskers May 31, 2009
BEHR Fan Modeling Approach: From Transient Fan Blade Development to System Optimization with Underhood Simulation F. Brotz, F. Guilbaud, A. Kleber, C. Marola
BDS Demo - Battery Modeling Roadmap Robert Spotnitz , Gaëtan Damblanc
Battery Simulation Module Demo Gaëtan Damblanc
Battery Modeling Roadmap Gaëtan Damblanc
Battery Design Studio Update
Battery Design Studio® - an update Fred Mendonça
Battery Design Overview Robert Spotnitz
BANC –PDCC :Gulfstream G550 NLG ¼-scale Simulation using STAR-CCM+ Fred Mendonça
Axial Compressor Design with AixCompFlow2D and STAR-CCM+ Norbert Moritz
Axial Compressor Design with AixCompFlow 2D and STAR-CCM+ N. Moritz, K. Kusterer
Auxillary Inlet Design Kevin Neitzel
Auxiliary Inlet Design Using StarCCM+ Kevin Neitzel January 1, 2011
Automation of Java File Creation & Batch Mode Submission for STAR-CCM+ Simulation Models to be used in a Design of Experiments & Multi-Objective Optimization Taylor Newill
Automation for vehicle simulation Tom Marinaccio
Automation for STAR-CCM+ Kim Hak-Soon
Automation examaples in STAR-CCM+ Tom Walker
Automating the CAE Process with STAR-CCM+ & Optimate Aaron Godfrey
Automatic HVAC Workflow with STAR-CCM+ Georgios Apostolopoulos
Automated Thermal Underhood thermal Simulation Enric Aramburu
Automated Thermal Underhood thermal Simulation Enric Aramburu
Automated Exhaust Line Simulation Yohann Perrot
Automated Exhaust Line Simulation Yohann Perrot
Automated Computational Modeling of Aerospace Systems Paul Vasilescu
Assessment of an Algebraic Heat Flux Model for the Applications of Innovative Nuclear Reactors Afaque Shams
Assessing the Ventilation Effectiveness of Naturally Ventilated Livestock Buildings under Wind Dominated Conditions Using Computational Fluid Dynamics T. Norton, J. Grant, R. Fallon, D.W. Sun May 1, 2009
Aspects of Industrial Flow Prediction using LES David Gosman
Army Ground Vehicle Use of CFD and Challenges Scott Shurin
Applied CFD Education using STAR-CCM+ Sean Sloan
Applications of Large Eddy Simulations in Nuclear Field J.P. Simoneau, J. Champigny, O. Gelineau February 1, 2010
Application of Sweep to Low Pressure Turbine Cascade Blade for Tip Flow Containment Rachel F. Trehan1 and Bhaskar Roy² July 15, 2012
Application of STAR-CCM+ to turbocharger performance prediction: A Power train perspective Fred Mendonca
Application of STAR-CCM+ to Turbocharger Modeling at BorgWarner Turbo Systems David Grabowska, Dean Palfreyman, Bob Reynolds, Fred Mendonca
Application of Sgamma Model with CFD Code to Predict Subcooled Boiling Flow B.J. Yun, A. Splawski, S. Lo, C.–H. Song January 1, 2010