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Current progress in DARS model development for CFD Harry Lehtiniemi
Virtual Manufacturing Empowers Digital Product Development - Case Study E-Coat Simulation Frank Pfluger, Klaus Wechsler
Optimization of a Dual-Fuel Low-NOx Combustion System for a Tangentially-Fired Utility Boiler Operating at a High Elevation Francois McKenty, Senior CFD Engineer
The Hot Side of the Light Pier Angelo Favarolo
Thermal simulation of IGBTs used in hybrid-electric vehicles Ruben Bons
小型船舶の航行解析のご紹介 明石 充弘
The Increasing Demand for Virtual Prototypes in Civil Engineering Erwin Schnell
Fluid-Structure Interaction of a Surface Effect Ship Bow Seal & a Free Surface Andrew L. Bloxom
Simulation of Free-Surface Flows with STAR-CCM+ Milovan Perić
火花点火エンジンの燃焼と汚染物質の最先端モデリング Marc Zellat
Better Reactors Grow from Better Simulations Emilio Baglietto
Analysis of two-phase flows in pipes and subchannels under high pressure N. Alleborn, R. Reinders, S. Lo, A. Splawski
Analysis of the Corrosion Test Process for Heat Exchangers in Corrosion Test Chambers by CFD Simulation Rainer Stauch, F. Brändle, M. Pfitzer, Wolfram Kühnel
The Meaning and Significance of Heat Transfer Coefficient Alan Mueller
Augmented Reality - Hobnob with Your Simulation Models Erwin Schnell
RANS Simulations of Cavitating Azimuthing Thrusters Norbert Bulten & Maarten Bijlard
Vehicle Thermal Management Simulation Scott Shurin
Vortex Shedding Past a Cylinder
Virtual Manufacturing Empowers Digital Product Development - Case Study E-Coat Simulation Frank Pfluger, Klaus Wechsler
Fast Reactor Subassembly Design Modifications for Increasing Electricity Generation Efficiency R. Wigeland, K. D. Hamman
Undergraduate & Graduate Use of STAR-CCM+ at Brigham Young University Steve Gorrell
CD-adapco Product Strategy & Roadmap Jean-Claude Ercolanelli
Applications of Overset Mesh Technique for the Marine Industry Hans Jorgen Morch
Sunburned products: Numerical aging caused by sun exposition Axel Müller, Teodora Vatahska
Aeroacoustic Optimization of an Axial Fan with Variable Blade Loading Michael Stadler, Michael Schmitz, Wolfgang Laufer, Peter Ragg
Development of an Ice Breaking Patrol Ship: A Look at Hull Form Design and Heli-deck Aerodynamic Dan Vyselaar
CD-adapco's vision of STAR-CCM+ in Chemical Industry Ravindra Aglave
The Advantage of Synergy in Civil Engineering Erwin G. Schnell
Simulated Flow Through Structured Packing Mike Basden, Bruce Eldridge
Emulating the Direct Blister Furnace Process with Coal Combustion Bennie Henning
Integrating Filtration Mechanism with a 3D Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Model using STAR-CCM+ Hoon Lee
Upcoming Electromagnetic Applications with STAR-CCM+ Stefan Holst
ヒトの肺の流れの力学解明に向けた実験的シミュレーション 平原 裕行先生
Spray Characteristics & Simulating Flash Boiling Process 松村 恵理子様
An Overview of CFD Applications in Flow Assurances from Well Head to the Platform Simon Lo
Thermal Analysis & Design Improvement of an Internal Air-Cooled Electric Machine James Dorris
Simulation of two-phase flow in a hydraulic cyclone tank Glenn Tørå
Exploring STAR-CCM+® Capabilities, Enhancements & Practices for Aerospace Combustion Niveditha Krishnamoorthy
Increasing Downforce on a LeMans Prototype Jean-Philippe Pelaprat
Automated Computational Modeling of Aerospace Systems Paul Vasilescu
0D/1D after-treatment modeling with DARS Fabian Mauss
What's Next for Electronics Cooling Simulations? Ruben Bons
Better Reactors Grow from Better Simulations Emilio Baglietto
Evaluation of RANS Modeling of Non-Newtonian Bingham Fluids in the Turbulence Regime using STAR-CCM+® Brigette Rosendall
STAR-CCM+ captures the acoustics buried in turbulence Gary Yu, Martin Timmins, Mario Ciaffarafa
Aeraulic Optimization of an Electrical Box Cooling Denis Cornu
Modeling of Battery Systems and Installations Using STAR-CCM+ Richard Johns, Bob Spotnitz
Teaching STAR-CCM+ in the University of Southampton Zheng-Tong Xie