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汽车空调性能研究 郑鑫
The Validation of Fluid-Elastic Instabilities in a Flexible Rod Bundle using STAR-CCM+ coupled to Abaqus Alan Mueller
Best Practices Overview for Electronics Thermal Simulations Ruben Bons
Immersive Engineering and Multimodal Process Visualization E. Schnell
Simulation of the mixture preparation for an SI Engines using multi-component fuels Michael Heiss, Thomas Lauer
Army Ground Vehicle Use of CFD and Challenges Scott Shurin
Best Practice: Heat Transfer Simulation Hidemoto Kojima
Integrated Meshing in STAR-CCM+ Aly Khawaja
小型船舶の航行解析のご紹介 明石 充弘
Aerospace Applications & Case Studies Deryl Snyder
Numerical simulations of high temperature jets from the main propulsion system and auxiliary power unit impinging against a construction of the passenger plane Andrey Y. Kudryaytsev, S.A. Zhelezov, M.M. Polovin, M.S. Litvinov
CD-adapco Global Academic Program - More than Just Licenses! Tammy de Boer
Better Reactors Grow from Better Simulations Emilio Baglietto
Modelling Multiphase Flows in the Chemical and Process Industry Simon Lo
Validation of STAR‐CCM+ with the OECD/NEA T‐Junction Blind Benchmark Santhosh Jayaraju
Virtual Approach to Predict Heat Rejection of Combustion Engines Gerald Seider
Analysis of the Coffee Roasting Process under Actual Operating Conditions Stefano Farina, Massimo Milani, Luca Montorsi
RANS Simulations of Cavitating Azimuthing Thrusters Norbert Bulten & Maarten Bijlard
The Increasing Demand for Virtual Prototypes in Civil Engineering Erwin Schnell
Automation examaples in STAR-CCM+ Tom Walker
DARS SRM as Combustion Model for Engine Concept Development Arne Andersson
Best Practices Workshop (IV): Parts & Mesh-Based Operations Kynan Maley
Cooling Airflow System Modeling in CFD Using Assumption of Stationary Flow Peter Gullberg, Lennart Lofdahl, Peter Nilsson
Water atomization in spray nozzles Fredrik Jaremann
STAR-CCM+® HPC Simulations of Different Well Spacing & Arrangement for In-situ Thermal Treatment of Oil Shale Michal Hradisky
Heat Transfer Through an Axial Fan with a Non-Homogeneous Temperature Source Markus Riesterer, Bettina Frohnapfel, (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Thomas Binner, Heinrich Reisterer, (Daimler AG)
Virtual Manufacturing Empowers Digital Product Development - Case Study E-Coat Simulation Frank Pfluger, Klaus Wechsler
STAR-CCM+ Simulations of In-Situ Thermal Treatment of Oil-Shale Michal Hradisky
Simulated Flow Through Structured Packing Mike Basden, Bruce Eldridge
Numerical study of cavitating flow inside a flush valve Annie-Claude BAYEUL-LAINẺ, Sophie SIMONET, Guy CAIGNAERT
FSI Demonstration Hyun Kim
The importance of correct modeling of bubble size and condensation in prediction of subcooled boiling flows S. Lo, A. Splawski, B.J. Yun
Spray Characteristics & Simulating Flash Boiling Process 松村 恵理子様
Industrial Application of CFD in Airbus Dr. Andreas Wick
Simulation of manufacturing processes Tom Marinaccio
Exploring STAR-CCM+® Capabilities, Enhancements & Practices for Aerospace Combustion Niveditha Krishnamoorthy
A First Contact with STAR-CCM+: Comparing Analytical & Finite Volume solutions with STAR-CCM+ Simulations Michael Heyer
Emulating the Direct Blister Furnace Process with Coal Combustion Bennie Henning
Best Practices Workshop (II): Volume Meshing Kynan Maley
What's Next for Electronics Cooling Simulations? Ruben Bons
Application of DARS 1D on in-cylinder combustion and aftertreatment Karin Fröjd
Thermal Simulation of LED-Powered Luminaire with Coupled Electrical Circuit Analysis Pier Angelo
Virtual Manufacturing Empowers Digital Product Development - Case Study E-Coat Simulation Frank Pfluger, Klaus Wechsler
Boiling Heat Transfer in ITER First Wall Hypervapotrons Dennis Youchison, Mike Ulrickson, Jim Bullock
3D-Electrochemistry: Designing and resolving the microstructure of an electrode Gaëtan Damblanc
CFD Optimization of a Six-Strand Continuous Casting Tundish at Georgsmarienhütte GmbH Eike Runschke
Analysis of the Lubrication System in a High Pressure Piston Water Pump Davide Bottazzi, D. Galloni, M. Milani, L. Montorsi