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The repair of a compressor rotor blade airfoil Allan Thomson
A Study of Jumper FIV Due to Multiphase Internal Flow: Understanding Life-Cycle Fatigue Alan Mueller, PhD
Unsteady vehicle simulation(External aerodynamics, fans, and rotating tires) Fred Ross
STAR-CCM+-Models & Application in the Chemical Process Industry Ravindra Aglave
Technical Support for Engineering Success 山西 伸宏
Battery Modeling Roadmap Gaëtan Damblanc
Large Structures CFD Simulations for Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants Pedro Fonseca, Nelson Marques, Jorge Azevedo, Vera Rodrigues, Marion Toigo
Macrohomogenous Li-Ion-Battery Modeling - Strengths and Limitations Markus Lindner, Christian Wieser
Engineering Simulation and the Orion Launch Abort Vehicle John Melton
SPEEDを活用した設計事例の紹介 (設計の理想と現実) 大坪 浩二様
CFD Analysis of the Performance of a Fast Catamaran with Rough Sea SEA Prof. Giovanni Lombardi
From CAD Data to E-coat Thickness: Learn the Special Knowledge to Do it with STAR-CCM+ Klaus Wechsler
Axial Compressor Design with AixCompFlow2D and STAR-CCM+ Norbert Moritz
Battery Modeling Solutions Gaetan Damblanc
Modeling & Simulation in Aeroacoustics Fred Mendonça
Simulating the Blister Tap Hole Concept Design Using Conjugate Heat Transfer Capabilities in STAR-CCM+ B. Henning, F. Marx, D. Hartzenberg, N. Fowler, M. Shapiro
Co-Simulation with CRTech Thermal Desktop & STAR-CCM+® CRTech
Introduction to SPT and OLGA Iris Andersen
Approaches for Acoustics Simulation for Automotive Air Induction & Exhaust Systems Fabiano Bet, Gerald Seider, Simon Bless
DARS for modeling detailed fuel chemistry Harry Lehtiniemi
CFD Projects at the Energy Systems Laboratory - Indian Institute of Technology Atul Bhargav
汽车空调性能研究 郑鑫
Vehicle Thermal Reliability Fabiano Bet
Best Practices Overview for Electronics Thermal Simulations Ruben Bons
Latest Battery Design Studio® development information Robert Spotnitz
Dedicated Parametric Modeling Techniques for Simulation-Driven Design using STAR-CCM+ Stefan Harries
STAR-CCM+の建築分野への適用 島池 航平
Development of an Alternative Cooling System (Earth Heat Exchanger) for Inverters of a Solar Plant A. Kneer, M. Wirtz, C. Weisshuhn
Simulation of noise in HVAC ducts Karamjit Sandhu
Airflow Analysis of a Custom “Green” Air Handling Unit Without a Pre-heater Scott Reynolds
小型船舶の航行解析のご紹介 明石 充弘
Advanced Wall Treatment Method for Turbulent Flow CFD Simulations Mika Nuutinen
Fluid-Structure Interaction of a Surface Effect Ship Bow Seal & a Free Surface Andrew L. Bloxom
火花点火エンジンの燃焼と汚染物質の最先端モデリング Marc Zellat
Validation of Radial Turbomachinery Performance and Noise Issues Fred Mendonça
Better Reactors Grow from Better Simulations Emilio Baglietto
Coupling between STAR-CCM+ and FRIENDSHIP for optimization Daehwan Park
Analysis of the Corrosion Test Process for Heat Exchangers in Corrosion Test Chambers by CFD Simulation Rainer Stauch, F. Brändle, M. Pfitzer, Wolfram Kühnel
Augmented Reality - Hobnob with Your Simulation Models Erwin Schnell
Digitale Aerodynamikentwicklung der neuen Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse Dr. Alexander Wäschle
RANS Simulations of Cavitating Azimuthing Thrusters Norbert Bulten & Maarten Bijlard
A numerical investigation of thermal conditions and deformations of the Astronomical Roentgen Telescope Alexander A. Ryabov, Victor D. Spirin, S.Y. Gulakov, S.G. Garanin, S.V. Grigorovich, M.N. Pavlinskyi, N.P. Semena
Vortex Shedding Past a Cylinder
Advanced Combustion Modeling with DARS Fabian Mauss
Best Practices Workshop (IV): Parts & Mesh-Based Operations Kynan Maley
Lithium-ion Battery Cell Model (3D-MSE) Fumitaka Goto
Detached Eddy Simulation Analysis of a Transonic Rocket Booster for Steady & Unsteady Buffet Loads Matt Knapp