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A new meshing methodology for faster simulation of a Body-In-White dipping process Madhusudhan Devanathan
Manufacturing Simulation for the Casting Industry with STAR-Cast Julian Gänz
Modeling & Simulation in Aeroacoustics Fred Mendonça
Multi-Fuel Combustion & Detailed Chemistry Reaction Models Rajesh Rawat
Introduction to SPT and OLGA Iris Andersen
Numerical Modeling of Ship Propeller Interaction under Self-Propulsion Condition Vladimir Krasilnikov
DARS for modeling detailed fuel chemistry Harry Lehtiniemi
Vehicle Thermal Reliability Fabiano Bet
Modeling of the flow in a water turbine of a hydroelectric generator V.A. Folomeev, F.A. Pletenev, V.P. Bashurin
Shock Absorber Oil Damper Report T.W.
Latest Battery Design Studio® development information Robert Spotnitz
Silver Sponsor Presentation SIMULIA Clive Ford
Development of an Alternative Cooling System (Earth Heat Exchanger) for Inverters of a Solar Plant A. Kneer, M. Wirtz, C. Weisshuhn
Multi-Objective Optimization of a Boomerang Shape using modeFRONTIER and STAR-CCM+ Alberto Clarich
Battery Modeling Roadmap Gaëtan Damblanc
Validation of Radial Turbomachinery Performance and Noise Issues Fred Mendonça
Counteracting ring formation in rotary kilns Michele Pisaroni
Enhancing the Design of Electric Machines through the Interaction of Software Tools Markus Anders
Coupling between STAR-CCM+ and FRIENDSHIP for optimization Daehwan Park
Cavitation modelling using RANS approach A.I.Oprea, N.Bulten
New Applications of STAR-CCM+ in Marine & Off-Shore Engineering & Future Developments S. Enger, M. Peric, F. Schafer, E. Schreck, J. Singh
Digitale Aerodynamikentwicklung der neuen Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse Dr. Alexander Wäschle
Let's Gain More Confidence of Clinicians with Our Colorful Contours: Blood Flow Simulation in Arteries using Abaqus & STAR-CCM+ Damon Afkari, Felipe Gabaldón, Javier Rodríguez
Automated Thermal Underhood thermal Simulation Enric Aramburu
Advanced Combustion Modeling with DARS Fabian Mauss
Model development and experimental validation of diesel surrogate fuels using SRM-DI module simulations Terese Løvås, Alvaro Diez, Roy Crookes
Laminar and Turbulent Flow in a S-bend
Lithium-ion Battery Cell Model (3D-MSE) Fumitaka Goto
Best Practices Workshop (II): Overset Mesh Kynan Maley
CFD modelling of mixing and separation in multiphase flows Simon Lo
Drag Prediction of Two Production Rotor Hub Geometries Charles R. Berezin
Transition Flow & Aeroacoustic Analysis of NACA0018 Satish Kumar Bonthu, Fred Mendonça, Ghuiyeon Kim, Hogeon Kim
Spatially Resolved Simulations of Heterogeneous Dry Reforming of Methane in Fixed-Bed Reactors Thomas Eppinger (CD-adapco) Matthias Kraume (Technische Universität Berlin)
Airflow Analysis of a Custom “Green” Air Handling Unit Without a Pre-heater Scott Reynolds
Thermal & Electrochemical Simulation of Battery Pack Systems Gaëtan Damblanc
Advanced Wall Treatment Method for Turbulent Flow CFD Simulations Mika Nuutinen
Simulated Flow Through Structured Packing Mike Basden, Bruce Eldridge
Modelling of droplet breakup and coalescence in an oil-water pipeline Simon Lo, Preetham Rao
Application of Direct Quadrature Method of Moments in Multiphase Flows using STAR-CCM+ John Parra-Alvarez
Best Practices Workshop (III): Heat Transfer Modeling Peter Ewing
Reacting Flow Applications in STAR-CCM+ Rajesh Rawat
The State of the Industry, Trends and Opportunities Mark Peters, Vice President and Publisher of Hydrocarbon Processing
Virtual Temperature Cycle Test (TCT) for Validation of Indirect Charge Air Coolers & Exhaust Gas Recirculation Coolers Georgios Apostolopoulos, Rainer Stauch, C. Marola, F. Schmidt, J. Schlottke, Wolfram Kühnel
Modeling an Axisymmetric Perforated Brick Catalyst Ahmad Mat Yamin
Computational Aeroelasticity : A Key Enabling Technology for the Design of Next-Generation Aircraft
Analysis of the airstream in the ECS roller dynamometer building Stefan Schnörch
STAR-CCM+ 4.06 New Features Jean-Claude Ercolanelli
Progress on Engine LES using STAR-CD David Gosman
Overview & Perspectives for Internal Combustion Engine using STAR-CD Mark Zellat
Application of CFD in connection with ship design Claus Daniel Simonsen