Automation of Complex Processes using CFD Simulation
Thursday, October 27, 2011

Simulation experts will demonstrate how automation enables engineers to devote less time to preparing the models and more time to analyzing the data from the design. Participants learn how easy it is to carry out complex physical simulations with a few mouse clicks! Examples highlight automation of complex processes using JAVA scripting with integration to Microsoft office. Additionally, examples show automatic cleaning of geometry, volume mesh generation and selection of the different physical models.

The webcast benefits those who are already familiar with the thermal simulation and fluid dynamics, as well as those who wish to refine the integration of the CFD calculation in their current workflows. Examples shown apply to a wide range of applications, from thermal management of electronic systems to simulations of motor vehicles or analysis of gas turbines.

Ground TransportationGround Transportation - Sub-IndustryAutomotive
Ground TransportationGround Transportation - Sub-IndustryRail
James Britton
Ian Pegler
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